Marketer Email Tracker 2021

This DMA research reports on what marketers want from email marketing campaigns, and how.

Email remains the most relied upon channel for many brands (72%) across the customer journey but are marketers and consumers really aligned?

The pandemic has created major changes in the way consumers engage with their marketing emails. Senders have responded, but how well have they responded to increased needs for useful information and a more personal touch? Sponsored by Validity, the Marketer Email Tracker highlights critical gaps that have developed in businesses’ understanding of their customers when the key data to help respond to these changes is not available.

Download your copy and discover:

  • the challenges brought about by the pandemic, how marketers adapted and which of these new processes are here to stay
  • what relevance is and whether it matches what your consumers want from you
  • what the current ROI for email marketing
  • which content is most effective and so much more