Get A Wiggle On

Every marketer should take the time to walk a mile in their subscribers’ shoes, to appreciate their experience and better understand which tactics really work.

First, Guy Hanson gives you a guided tour of what consumers are really thinking, using the findings from the newly launched DMA Consumer Email Tracker report with Anna Frigerio.

Then fun, online sport retailer, WiggleCRC, joins Validity to discuss the report and retrace their steps to email success thanks to their highly consumer-focused program, while Elliot Hogg ties it all back to steps you can take to win with your email campaigns.

Gear up to learn:

  • What are the most important drivers for consumers to sign up to receive marketing emails?
  • Why are click-throughs only one of many positive actions your email can generate?
  • Why is the subject line not the main reason people open their emails
  • Which age group is most likely to be a net promoter for your email program?
  • And more…