How Morning Brew Reaches Over A Million Subscribers Daily with Certification

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Morning Brew has over one million subscribers, all of whom rely on a daily email reaching their inbox to educate them on the latest news in business and technology.

Initially, as a small startup of just a few employees, Morning Brew had limited resources (and knowledge) about the email space and were challenged to learn email best practices incredibly fast. On top of this, they were migrating to a new email service provider (ESP). They knew they needed experts in the email space and quickly turned to Return Path for their knowledge and solutions.

To monitor the new IP reputation, the Morning Brew team used the Return Path Platform on a daily basis to ensure that the health of their IP addresses was not impacting their deliverability during this transition. This proactive approach allowed them to identify problems with specific providers, working with the Return Path team for assistance when necessary.

Once their two dedicated IP addresses were in top shape, Morning Brew felt the need to do all they could to make sure their subscribers received the emails they were expecting on a daily basis.

“Our email program was getting to be of such high volume, it was a no-brainer that the investment of Certification was well worth the related ROI”. – Tyler Denk, Product & Growth Lead

For this reason, Morning Brew took the necessary steps to get approved and enrolled in the Return Path Certification program, the industry’s most powerful and unique whitelist.

With the combination of Return Path’s email expertise, deliverability monitoring, and Certification benefits, Morning Brew has improved their inbox placement rate from ~60 percent to 99 percent, and open rates from ~20 percent to ~45 percent.

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To learn more about Certification, download our fact sheet.