Introducing AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Sales

How AppBuddy Cloud Empowers Channel Sales

At AppBuddy, our mission is to help employees become more productive in their everyday work. For our users, that means streamlining complex CRM processes so they can quickly see, update, and report on their business data. For enterprise organizations, simplifying data management ultimately leads to more accurate business insights, money saved on IT costs and personnel hours, and increased revenue cycles.

Now, with the release of our latest solution, we’re bringing those benefits to the Channel Sales industry. We’re proud to introduce: AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Sales.

The Problem in Channel Sales
In any sales process, accurate bottom-up forecasts depend on timely and accurate opportunity information to be entered into the CRM throughout the sales process. For companies who sell through channel partners, getting this information in a reliable manner from resellers is often extremely challenging. While some resellers may provide pipeline updates quickly and reliably, many don’t do it at all because it’s too cumbersome to manage the vendor’s pipeline information in addition to their own internal CRM data.

This lack of data creates makes it extremely difficult for channel managers and account executives to forecast revenue from channel sales, who often need to cobble together the information they receive from resellers in the form of disparate, non-standardized reports.

The Solution: AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Sales
AppBuddy Cloud provides a solution to this problem by automating the repetitive tasks necessary to manage vendor and reseller opportunities at the same time. With updated pipeline information on both sides, resellers and vendors save hundreds of hours/year on duplicate forecast updating activities and increase productivity through streamlined collaboration.

AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Sales is the best way for resellers and channel managers to stay on the same page, deliver opportunity forecasts quickly, and report on channel sales with accuracy.

For Resellers
With AppBuddy Cloud, resellers can easily connect to their CRM system and the vendor’s CRM system to see both opportunities on a single screen. Additionally, resellers can update vendor pipeline data with the click of a button from within their own CRM.

In just a few clicks, resellers can:

  • Use powerful inline editing to make quick updates to multiple opportunities at once
  • Easily identify the differences between their opportunity information and the vendor’s opportunities (e.g., Stages, Close Dates, Forecasted Amounts, etc.)
  • Apply their opportunity information to vendor opportunities without having to double-enter any data — changes are applied instantly to the reseller’s and the vendor’s CRM system

For Channel Managers

With AppBuddy Cloud, channel managers can improve partner satisfaction, engagement, and channel sales forecasts by making it easy for resellers to register and update deals in real-time. The result is a streamlined solution that saves everyone tons of time and gives resellers more time to sell.

With AppBuddy Cloud, channel managers can:

  • Get instant and accurate forecasts from resellers, anytime
  • Eliminate data re-entry from messy reports
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other vendors by providing cutting-edge technology
  • Automate the repetitive tasks necessary to manage opportunities between two CRM systems.

AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Management can be easily embedded into any existing PRM or CRM system, and can be customized to look like the existing interface that resellers and channel managers work in today. This ensures easy access to and strong adoption of the vendor pipeline management process.

See AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Management in action here.

About AppBuddy Cloud

AppBuddy Cloud is a productivity workspace for enterprise CRM. AppBuddy Cloud can be used to streamline mass management of any CRM data throughout the customer lifecycle, including lead and campaign management, pipeline management, quotes and forecast generation, and after sale customer success processes.

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