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The State of Email in APAC

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Email marketers are facing some unique challenges in 2021. As we approach peak holiday and sales season, record sending volumes mean even greater competition in the inbox. Plus, the introduction of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), which prevents email senders from deploying tracking pixels and masks recipients’ IP addresses, will further complicate email marketers’ lives as they start to lose important behavioural data points.

In our very first APAC State of Email webinar, Validity’s own Guy Hanson, Nhan Tran, and William Zhang discussed these issues and the options email marketers have to overcome them—and thrive—during this holiday sales season.

Covering everything from global data compliance and privacy, zero-party data, and email analytics to A/B split testing, engagement segmentation, and numerous examples of best-in-class emails you can benefit from seeing, this was an info-packed hour that you absolutely don’t want to miss!

Our email experts discussed:

  • How Phillips effectively deployed A/B testing to increase their email engagement by 33%
  • Why email marketers shouldn’t wait for changes to consumer privacy law to strengthen their privacy practices (improved performance and engagement can happen organically for brands that respect their customers’ privacy)
  • Why it will become increasingly important to give power back to email subscribers, the vital role engagement segmentation will play, and why preference centres will become even more important in helping achieve this

Check out the full webinar below to discover all these amazing insights, and to learn more about how Validity can help you improve your email performance, reach out to us today to set up a demo.