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Introducing DemandTools: the V Release

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For nearly twenty years, Validity’s flagship DemandTools product has helped ensure your data remains your most valuable asset. Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new version of DemandTools: the V Release.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed flaws in CRM and software practices, and for many businesses, this shed light on the need to better collect and protect customer data. A study from ITProPortal shows the pandemic increased data decay by an annualized rate of 37.5%, resulting in customer data that’s essentially useless. Bad data spreads quickly throughout an organization and often leads to much larger issues down the line, including a damaged brand reputation and loss of revenue.

The DemandTools V Release takes these challenges into consideration and enables organizations to manage their data in a way that’s secure, easy to use, and customizable. New features include:

  • Reimagined user experience: The DemandTools V Release features a more modern interface, including intuitive grouping of functionality organized by the problems data quality teams are trying to solve, as well as Mac compatibility. From more Single Sign-On (SSO) options to an embedded scheduler, Validity has significantly improved the workflow for CRM admins and automated the mundane processes that have traditionally bogged down their role.
  • Increased adaptability: Modules complement each other but work separately, ensuring organizations are able to easily customize DemandTools for their needs. Long-time users will appreciate new touches like cross-field comparisons, contact account relationship merging capabilities, and the flexibility to compare fields for updates and upserts instead of using a unique identifier.
  • Built-in data quality assessment: The newly integrated Assess module allows organizations to easily understand how strong or weak their data is, revealing where they should prioritize their time and resources to quickly remediate any issues. Through ongoing reports, organizations will be able to better pinpoint areas of improvement and make those changes before it negatively impacts their customer relationships.

Our team here at Validity has worked tirelessly on these updates to bring you the most integrated and adaptable data management platform on the market. DemandTools: the V Release is something that has been years in the making, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you!

Can’t wait to try it out? Sign up here to receive a free 14-day trial of the DemandTools V Release AND a free Data Quality Assessment. Plus, be sure to join us for our exciting launch event on October 26th!