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Ethical & Exceptional Email: How to Rank Top for Both

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Ethical marketing is a hot topic right now, especially with the introduction of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) functionality. MPP strengthens subscriber privacy by restricting the use of tracking pixels and IP addresses to identify factors like email opens, device utilisation, and location.

It’s being presented as a challenge, but MPP also creates opportunities for progressive businesses. Transparent use of personal data builds stronger relationships, resulting in increased lifetime value. Forward-thinking marketers recognise it’s possible to square this circle by being ethical and exceptional.

Sarah Hawkes, Senior MarTech Program Manager at The Rank Group, is one of these marketers, and she joined us recently for a fascinating webinar on this topic. The Betting & Gambling industry is tightly regulated, but The Rank Group was early in recognising an opportunity to create a safer community where healthy, happy customers are more important than high-risk high rollers.

Sarah took us through the journey The Rank Group has been on to achieve this:

  • It starts with data, and the technology to harness it effectively. The Rank Group holds Fintech-like levels of customer data, and its biggest challenge (and opportunity) lies in using it responsibly to identify at-risk behaviour and nudge those players into safer waters.
  • This drives their “Keep it Fun” program. Sarah explained how Artificial Intelligence drives sophisticated propensity modelling, embedding their safer gambling philosophy into every customer journey. This feeds into their email messaging—their most important channel—and Sarah showed examples of the clever automated email messaging that is generated.
  • The Rank Group’s “above and beyond” approach to player welfare is deeply appreciated by their digital customers. This is reflected by the outstanding performance of their Certified email program, which generates 100% inbox placement rates across all major mailbox providers.

Sarah was also generous about Validity’s role in helping achieve this outstanding performance: “We have limited opportunities to reach out to our customers, so when we do contact them, the email has got to land! This is where our partners at Validity come in—Everest has been a game changer for us.” Sarah described her Validity CSM, Coralie Levi, as her “expert friend on the end of the line!”

Want to learn more about The Rank Group’s ethical approach to delivering high-performance email marketing? Watch the webinar recording below, and if you’d like to learn more about how Validity can help you achieve similar performance for your email program, schedule a demo today.