14 Reasons to Attend The Path to the Inbox With DJ Waldow, Infusionsoft, and Return Path

I am really excited about an upcoming two-part deliverability webinar series, entitled The Path to the Inbox, that I am participating in with DJ Waldow from Waldow Social and James Thompson from Infusionsoft on September 5 at 10 AM PDT. Our webinar gives you the low down on deliverability and what it takes to reach the inbox. I know it’s a no-brainer for most of you to register and join, but for those of you on the fence, I came up with 14 reasons you need to join us.

  1. Free pizza.
  2. You get to see baby DJ Waldow.
  3. You will be the person people follow around at parties because you will know so many fun and amazing facts about email deliverability.
  4. Understand why Hawaiians love spam so much (come to think of it, I may be thinking of the wrong spam here).
  5. Learn some real life recipes on warming up IP addresses with microwaves.
  6. You’ll know where to find your IP address in headers so you can impress your loved ones.
  7. You will find out what your Sender Score means and how that correlates to inbox placement.
  8. You’ll more than likely get a major job promotion because your email program will do so well.
  9. You need an excuse to sit back and relax while listening to three email experts after getting back into the office from a long weekend.
  10. Understand how feedback loops work so you can remove those people that won’t stop complaining about you.
  11. DJ has some gossip about the death of email (clue: email totally faked it!).
  12. James from Infusionsoft has some client case studies that will completely blow your socks off.
  13. You can retire early because you’ll be making so much money from your email program after listening to our case studies and advice.
  14. Rumor has it James Earl Jones will be reciting some chapters from DJ’s new book.

If those aren’t compelling enough reasons, then at least come to hear the real life story of email, its adventures and perils, and how it overcame adversity to reach the inbox. It’s a lesson that we all can learn from. Register here and can’t wait to “see” you all on the path to the inbox!

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