Why You Should Know (and Care) About Your Reputation

So many things in our lives have reputations both obvious and subtle. Online companies like Yelp.com and Tripadvisor.com—that allow consumers to rate a service or an experience—depict the obvious reputation of the provider of that service or experience. When looking for a new experience, consumers are accustomed to first checking out the reputation of potential providers before making a decision. How many of us decide not to go to a restaurant or book a hotel based on a poor reputation?

Mailbox providers are no different. A sender’s reputation impacts where the mailbox provider places that sender’s email. They want their users to have the best possible experience with their service, so they take a good hard look at your reputation to determine where to place your mail. With apologies to Joan Jett, a “Bad Reputation” in the email world is not something you “don’t want to give a damn” about.

If you have a bad meal at a restaurant, you will likely complain to the manager about it. If it was an especially bad experience, you go to Yelp.com and let everyone know. Similarly in email marketing, a complaint from an email subscriber is something you should respond to and address immediately, because— like a review on yelp.com—it will impact your sender reputation and that will NOT go unnoticed by mailbox providers.

Just as companies pay attention to their feedback on Yelp.com and Tripadvisor.com, email marketers should do the same. Return Path’s Sender Score is the best way for email marketers to discover their reputation and how mailbox providers will judge you for placement.

In Return Path’s recent 2016 Sender Score Benchmark, one of the most interesting statistics is that in 2015 over four trillion messages were sent, but more than half (56 percent) were blocked based on a bad reputation. On a scale of 1 to 100, senders who scored between 81-100 accounted for over 90 percent of all mail that was delivered to the inbox.

2016_05_12_11_04_57_2016_sender_score_benchmark___return_path (1)

There are a lot of email senders out there who don’t care about their reputation, don’t want to be one of them! With Return Path’s free Sender Score lookup, it’s very easy to know your reputation—and more importantly—take steps as needed to improve your reputation.

For senders looking to boost their reputation even further, Return Path’s new benchmark The Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability is a great guide to those more subtle factors that drive your reputation.

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