Why a Rockstar Service Team is Critical to Solving Deliverability Issues

The rockstar of your favorite music group would be nothing without the countless people there to back them up. They have a whole band of talented people on stage and behind the scenes that make every performance a success. Since you’re the rockstar of your email program, I bet you wouldn’t mind a little extra help to make sure your song comes out just right. Why not have the best rockstar service team backing you up?

There are likely aspects of your email program you wish you had time to tackle, but just can’t with all your other responsibilities. Many times you are tapped for resources, running small but mighty teams, and being pulled in many different directions. The email industry is constantly evolving, your subscriber data can be cumbersome, and it can be harder than ever to keep up with every change affecting your ability to reach the inbox.

Enter Return Path’s Deliverability and Consulting Services teams.
Whether you need someone to monitor your email deliverability daily or you want guidance on implementing something brand new, having an additional person “in the band” can make all the difference.

Our Deliverability Services Team
Need someone to keep an extra eye on your email program? Our deliverability services team can do just that. Each day, you can count on these email experts to be in the weeds right alongside you—looking out for red flags within your email program. If something doesn’t look right, you have questions about what you see, or you need help solving for an issue, this team is your sound check. Whether you want a more self-serve tool with help from our Support Team or want the Return Path team alongside you through it all, our services team will give you the time and attention that works for your business.

Our team stays ahead of industry news and updates and makes sure you are aware of anything happening in the email ecosystem that could affect your program. Our constant communication channels keep us on the forefront of changes—sharing news articles, tips, best practices, blog posts…and of course, the occasional meme!

“It is peace of mind to have another set of eyes looking at our sites and data at all times” said Stuart Hochwert, President of Prime Publishing LLC. “My Return Path team is full of excellent best practices which helps us make better decisions to help increase deliverability and ultimately conversions.”

Our Consulting Services Team
Have a project or initiative you haven’t had time to dive into yet or you feel is to big to tackle alone? Is there something plaguing your email program you just can’t quite figure out? Do you need to drive more revenue from your email program? (I mean…who doesn’t!) This team of experts can guide you through a one time project or work with you throughout the year as a vested partner in your business to strategize, test, and optimize every aspect of your program.

Using data from your email program, this team personalizes every aspect of our recommendations and solves for the specific topic you want advice on. Examples include how to gain a competitive edge, enhancing your subscriber engagement, evaluating you email program risks and opportunities, facilitating migrations to new platforms and IP addresses, and more. No two projects are alike—your email program isn’t like anyone else’s and our consulting team treats it that way. It’s all about what works for you and your company, so everything is tailored to your specific needs. Whether that’s a deep dive into your specific market, competitors, vertical, or pain point, you’ll get customized advice with actionable insights.

Our consulting team has over 100 years of email experience between them and spans six countries across four continents. Whether you are in Australia, Europe, North America, or South America, this mighty team has you covered. Their previous experience at email service providers, digital agencies, as email marketing managers, and at major mailbox providers means you know you’re getting real world advice coming from someone who has been in your shoes.

The members of our Deliverability and Consulting teams are also consistently key contributors within the wider email community. Whether they are speaking on a webinar for the American Marketing Association, at an industry event like MarketingSherpa or Future of Email, writing a blog post for Total Retail, holding committee positions for the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), or being named as a Top Email Geek, they are constantly sharing, growing, and shaping the email community.

“My favorite Return Path tool is the people” says Christine Conklin, the Director of E-Marketing Services for Signature Travel Network. “Their professional services team is essentially an extension of our email team. They always deliver expert advice to keep our email program running smoothly.”

To get more information on how our team can help you keep your email rockstar status, give us a shout!  

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