What Do You Really Know About Your Inbox Deliverability?

I had the pleasure of attending Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit this week where I had the unique opportunity to network and gain valuable insight from savvy email marketers who openly shared their experiences, talked about their obstacles and raved about their successes. I am sure most of you read Marketing’ Sherpa’s summary report of their recent email summit. While I agree with most of the commentary, I was a little taken aback by the notion that deliverability is no longer a big topic and subsequently, not a big issue.

I am certainly not saying that relevancy is not important, or is search, or segmentation, social media, etc. I guess the word I would use is “relative,” not “relevance.” My point is, when you send an email message, your expectation is that it will be delivered to the intended recipient with the messaging you created. Much like print, television, word of mouth and radio, email is a prime communication channel that, for direct marketers, is intended to drive a response. If the message is not delivered, then the effort is futile.

That is why understanding the metrics behind each campaign is so important to marketers. In order to build email programs, you must have complete confidence that the message behind which you put so many creative, technological and monetary resources is going to deliver positive results. I would challenge marketers to ask themselves these key questions:

  • Do you know if every email sent by your organization – whether promotional or transactional – has arrived in the inbox?
  • Do you know how an ISP or spam filter software perceives and treats mail from your domain?
  • Do you know how much email Comcast will allow per hour based on your sending reputation?
  • Do you know how much money you are wasting sending undeliverable mail?

All of these factors (and more) can impact your delivery rates. Therefore, if you answered “no” to any one of these questions, then you should contact us to learn more about why inbox deliverability is priority one for all email marketing initiatives.

Yesterday was about knowing opens and clicks. Today is about knowing what your inbox deliverability rates are.

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