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State of Email: Certified Brilliance: How to Achieve 100% Inbox Placement

Jul 20, 2023

Email marketing is seriously competitive! 1 in 6 marketing messages don’t make it to the inbox, meaning lost revenue every time this happens. But there is an ...
State of Email Live – Data, Email, Data – Validity’s Virtuous Circle

May 11, 2023

The key to superior sales and marketing conversations? High-quality CRM data. It’s a virtuous cycle: Solid CRM data empowers sales and marketing teams to ...
[Inbox Insiders] 6 Strategies to Reach More Subscriber Inboxes in 2023

Apr 19, 2023

Bad news, email fans: Email deliverability is harder than ever in 2023. (We can blame factors like MPP, skyrocketing email volumes, and tough economic ...
State of Email, Ep. 43: Deliverability Benchmarks: The real cost of missing the inbox

Apr 14, 2023

Validity’s highly anticipated Deliverability Benchmark report is hot off the presses—and unfortunately for senders, our findings show deliverability is ...
State of Email, Ep. 38: Inbox or Junk Folder: Who Wields the Power?

Nov 10, 2022

Getting your emails delivered is hard. But ensuring they land in the inbox—especially during the business-critical holiday season—is even harder. Why? ...
State of Email, Ep. 34: Virgin on Greatness with Virgin Atlantic

Jul 07, 2022

Jon Lockie and Tom Nowell from Virgin Atlantic’s email team join Guy Hanson as they embark on a journey to email excellence. The Virgin group of companies is ...
[Inbox Insiders] Ready, Set, Send: 5 Pre-Send Strategies to Optimize Your Email Performance

Jun 28, 2022

Ready to hit “send” on your next killer email campaign? Not so fast. Pre-send optimization is one of the most effective ways to boost campaign performance. ...
Be top of the inbox with deliverability 101

Apr 04, 2022

Debunk the jargon. Whether you’re new to email and looking for a primer, or more established and in need of a quick refresher, Sandra Schubert, Professional ...
How The Rank Group Delivers World-Class Email Experiences with Adobe and Validity

Mar 25, 2022

The email marketing landscape is highly complex—and rapidly evolving. Global email volumes have reached an all-time high, online threats have become more ...