We Know Email Series: Patty Vonick

The following Question and Answer series profiles Return Path employees in a variety of roles and locations. Join us as we find out what they do, what they enjoy, and most importantly, what email campaigns they are loving lately.

Patty Vonick
Manager, Data Engineering
Broomfield, CO

What’s your role here at Return Path?
I work in technology. Our team (Data Engineering) supports, administers, and houses the data behind the products we offer.

What initially brought you here?
The technology. My specialty in the past was working with Oracle databases. 10 years ago, Oracle was our primary data store, and I secured a position as a Database Developer.

Tell me something I don’t know about data engineering.
Historically, data was stored in spreadsheets or databases. Data structures were predefined and needed to be known prior to reading/accessing the data. Now, with our movement to the cloud, the bulk of our data resides in S3 buckets in the cloud—similar to files on your hard drive. The data can be structured (CSV), semi-structured (Avro, Parquet), or unstructured (email messages)—and the data format can be inferred by the code through which it is accessed.

What energizes you about your role at Return Path?
A variety of things energize me about my role:

  1. Learning: I learn something new every day. Technology is constantly changing, and we have to keep up with the changes.
  2. The values/culture: Our company exemplifies a ‘people first’ culture. If you work hard, you will be rewarded. We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.
  3. The people: We are kind to each other and treat each other with respect.

What problem is the most fun to solve?
I enjoy solving business problems with technology!  And—there are plenty of business problems to go around.

What about you might come as a surprise to those that work closely with you?
Actually—probably nothing. I’m an open book.

What’s the most memorable email campaign you’ve seen lately?
I tend to look at food campaigns more frequently than others. Bonefish Grill just sent out a campaign with an irresistible picture of a lobster tail, filet mignon, and a martini—yum!

What emails can we find in your personal inbox?
Email about golf. I love to play! You’ll see campaigns from various local golf courses, invitations from friends to play, etc.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Return Path?
The people!!

Thanks for chatting with us, Patty. To learn about how Return Path can improve your email marketing, schedule a demo today. Tell them Patty sent you!

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