Three Easy Buttons for Email Disposal

What is the secret of creating a raving fan? Keeping their attention! Since your customers are inundated with messages every day, subscribers will turn to the easiest way to dispose of unwanted email in their inbox. There are three easy buttons available at their fingertips.

The Daunting Unsubscribe Button: If a subscriber wants out, let them go gracefully. You must make it easy for people to unsubscribe legally and morally. Don’t create too many twists and turns, but try and learn something along the way so you can improve the overall subscriber experience. Ask them why they are leaving or allow them to adjust their preferences. You may find that you are simply sending too much email or they want to hear about a different topic. By allowing them to tell you what they want, perhaps they won’t opt out of your list.

The Infamous Spam Button: When subscribers are no longer enamored by your messages, they’ll want off your list. If they can’t unsubscribe easily, they’ll simple press the “Spam” button which registers your email as a complaint with ISPs. High complaint rates negatively impact your sender reputation forcing ISPs to block your messages. Find out if subscribers are complaining about you by signing up for feedback loops. Feedback loops tell you who’s complaining and why, giving you valuable data you can use to improve your email program.

The Proverbial Delete Button: Subscriber indifference can be your worst enemy. At least when they unsubscribe or report your email as spam, you can get a sense of how subscribers feel about your email. But when they simply delete your message, how can you gauge the experience? This is where your response data becomes critical. Are you sending the right messages to the right people? Batch and blast will soon become a thing of the past especially as ISPs start using engagement metrics in their filtering decisions.

So that’s it! Three buttons is all it takes to get rid of your email. While many marketers keep a close eye on subscriber activity, many don’t pay as much attention to subscriber Inactivity. Make sure your spend just as much time (or more) analyzing why subscribers don’t find your messages interesting and adjust your email program accordingly.

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