The Path to Holiday Email Optimization Part II: Optimizing Performance

The winter holidays are fast approaching and leading marketers are already done with their holiday planning. After establishing a solid structure, marketers can begin to focus on strengthening their email campaign performance in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. The following indicators can show you the best opportunities to improve program performance in time to realize gains in Holiday 2015.

Metrics to Watch 
To optimize your email programs, focus on the the following four metrics. Each metric provides visibility into the current performance of your email program and serves as a touchstone to judge the performance of future campaigns.

  • Read rate: Your read rate indicates the percentage of delivered emails that subscribers viewed. Unlike open rate, your read rate does not depend on image rendering, and therefore can give you a more accurate view of how subscribers are interacting with your content. This metric offers insight into how your subscribers are engaging with your messages. By tracking the read rate of different campaigns you can see what content resonates more with subscribers.

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