The Most Read Return Path Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was in most aspects an extension of 2013, but the knob has been cranked up. Google continued innovating the inbox with the release of a pinterest-like inbox called Gmail Grid View, and a brand new email client called simply Inbox by Gmail, that not only bring Gmail more into the mobile age, but also it also follows their Material design principles. Gmail also began to offer a feedback loop reporting tool for email service providers to give them better insights into the senders on their network.

On a more frightening note, the number of phishing attacks and data breaches rose to new highs in 2014 with claims of 43% of all companies experiencing a data breach in 2014. North Korea’s aggro about a movie resulted in a data breach from Sony where personal emails were released publicly. Home Depot announced a large data breach and warned its customers of the theft of their email addresses and warned them of future targeted phishing attacks. Target, who had their data breach at the end of 2013, discovered intruders accessed their systems via a spear phishing campaign against one of their vendors, and the sales decline in 2014 blamed lack of consumer trust after the data breach.

Be sure to bookmark these posts as they’ll be a useful resource whether you’re securing your sending domain, experimenting with Gmail’s Grid View or Inbox email client, or avoiding spam words or blacklists. Have a request for a future blog post in 2015? Email me at tom (dot) sather (at) returnpath (dot) com.

All About Yahoo’s DMARC Reject Policy by Christine Borgia

Blacklist Basics: The Top Email Blacklists You Need to Know by Tonya Mitchell

Gmail’s New Feedback Loop and Unsubscribe Button by Melinda Plemel

Gmail Turns the Inbox into a Visual Feast – What Marketers Need to Know by Tom Sather

Which Blacklists Does Gmail Use? by Cherie Ansari

Vista Equity Partners Leads $35 Million Investment in Return Path to Accelerate Growth in Email Optimization, Security and Data Businesses

7 Email Reactivation Campaign Insights by Julia Peavy

Tips for Increasing Email Subscriber Engagement by Julia Peavy

A Marketer’s Field Guide to by Dana Huten

Spammy Words by William Kammersell

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