More Time, More Money, and More GridBuddy for Everyone

With the holiday season right around the corner, many of us are already starting to think about what kind of gifts we’re going to give this year. When it comes to what to give the business, we can help you avoid the impending anxiety that accompanies picking out the perfect present.  

What is something that most of your company leverages, is difficult to work in, and drives important business decisions? Your Salesforce CRM! CRM systems, like Salesforce, are critical when it comes to optimizing your marketing strategies, improving upsells, and creating solid relationships with your clients. They are a hub of incredibly valuable information and data that is used to drive the business forward and constantly improve the flow of incoming revenue. However, adoption rates on the user side are staggeringly low and data quality is poor for a system that is quickly becoming the life force of most businesses.  


Give the Gift of Productivity

There is a way to create a better CRM experience and enhance the productivity of your internal teams. What is something that everyone loves to work with, saves time and money, and makes you a company hero? GridBuddy! Part of our Validity for Sales Productivity offering, GridBuddy is an application for Salesforce that pulls all the data you could ever want into a single, editable screen. In fact, it functions like a spreadsheet and the simplified interface is proven to increase end-user adoption and allow for data entry in less than half the amount of time it takes to do so in Salesforce directly. If you haven’t heard of GridBuddy yet, you’re missing out on some major kudos from your internal Salesforce users. 

GridBuddy is so much more than an incredible solution for helping teams reach peak productivity, it’s a tool that makes life easier for every Salesforce user across the business. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn how you can save time and money with GridBuddy and improve processes for everyone.  


GridBuddy for Sales Teams and Sales Leaders 

Functioning as a unifying interface for sales teams and leaders, our data integration solution combines the data sales uses into one simple view so work can get done quickly. GridBuddy is like a spreadsheet, with more capabilities, greatly reducing the amount of clicks it takes to manage critical CRM data. After implementing this application, sales teams see higher user adoption of Salesforce and CRM processes, and spend half the amount of time it typically takes to update CRM data. Sales leaders gain access to a common interface to work with their teams and gain an actionable workspace for the data that’s driving business decisions. 


GridBuddy for Customer Success and Support  

Keeping track of open support tickets and monitoring the health of customer relationships is a time-consuming, high-impact process. With GridBuddy, customer success and support teams gain better visibility into the customer journey and a simplified workspace to manage the data behind the day-to-day in one editable screen.


GridBuddy for Salesforce Administrators and Sales Operations  

With so much CRM data to manage and leverage, the option to filter, sort, and work with relevant data in a singular location puts hours back into the week. GridBuddy allows for data clean-up in small chunks so the business can rely on the accuracy of the data in your CRM. With GridBuddy, admin and sales operations teams quickly fix data problem areas and gain full visibility into relationships and the entire book of business in an editable location without disrupting existing security, permissions, and underlying data structures.  


GridBuddy for Marketing and Marketing Operations  

Whether it’s campaign targeting or keeping track of direct mailing lists, GridBuddy greatly reduces the number of clicks and headaches it takes to manage marketing data within Salesforce CRM. With GridBuddy, marketing teams gain better visibility into the contacts they are trying to target and the scope of their campaigns and campaign members.  


Save Time and Money with GridBuddy – Every Day

Ready to ditch your boring old stocking stuffers? Boost productivity, increase user adoption, and protect revenue with the most productive user experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. Come see for yourself how much money and time you could be saving with GridBuddy


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