Return Path's Partnership with Cloudmark Puts Email Subscribers First

We’re proud to announce that Cloudmark is using Return Path’s Sender Score Certified whitelist as a means of determining inbox placement for commercial email. Cloudmark provides spam filtering solutions for North American ISP customers including Earthlink, Comcast, Cox Communications, Charter, Telus and Cincinnati Bell and a global base of service provider customers including THUS, Tele2,, Fastweb, NTT OCN and NEC BIGLOBE. They have joined the ranks of Windows Live Hotmail, GoDaddy and soon Yahoo! and many major corporations and educational institutions making the most comprehensive and widely used whitelist 1.2 billion inboxes strong.

We are very excited about what this means for marketers who understand the importance of maintaining high reputation standards to earn a valid spot in the inbox rather than paying for placement. But we are also excited about what this means for ISPs. We believe our partnerships with the world’s major ISPs validates our approach in working with ISPs to help them insure that subscribers receive the legitimate commercial email they want, while effectively stemming the tide of unwanted spam. Sender Score Certified is one of several Return Path solutions available to receivers.

So, why do ISPs and spam-filtering providers choose Return Path for our whitelist service? Simple. With Sender Score Certified they know they are getting a whitelist that maintains the highest standards around. Clearly ISPs can (and do!) trust Return Path as a partner in the fight against spam. By working with Return Path, ISPs can catch a break from the phone calls from marketers asking why their emails didn’t get through. More importantly, they can avoid complaints from their customers who are missing account statements, order confirmations and other commercial email that they want to receive. Furthermore, ISPs can tighten the net on spam, knowing Sender Score Certified will help limit false positives (i.e. incorrectly blocking legitimate, high-reputation email as spam).

We believe that both quality legitimate marketers and ISPs strive for subscriber trust and Return Path is committed to helping build this trust by continuing to refine and develop comprehensive solutions that are mutually beneficial to senders and receivers.

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