Return Path's New Year Community Challenge

The month of January is the traditional time to take stock of your life and make a list of resolutions to be better in the New Year. It’s a little silly, to be sure, and we have all made resolutions that fizzled out before the champagne. But it can be a powerful exercise for those who are truly committed to changing their life.

So we at Return Path thought why not apply the same New Year power to business, specifically to your email program? Many of us have fallen into bad habits this past year, especially with the pressure to deliver results in a soft economy. Now more than ever email is a powerful channel for us. But, as Spiderman knows, with great power comes great responsibility. If we don’t take care of the channel we will be in trouble very soon, if we aren’t already.

Welcome to the first Return Path New Year Community Challenge! Our goal is to help you make 2009 your best year ever by getting back to basics and really moving the needle on your email program. Over the next six week’s we’ll focus on one best practice that you absolutely must implement if you are going to be – and stay – successful.

It starts with a simple resolution:

I resolve to be a better email marketer this year. I will implement the strategies to delight my subscribers, grow my list, protect my deliverability and drive results for my business.

Great, but how? By getting back to basics – the best practices we all know we need to implement in order to keep our email programs healthy and strong.

Over the next six weeks we’ll profile one best practice – what it is, why it matters now and how you can think about implementing it (or upgrading it) for your business. The intention isn’t that you’ll do all six in six weeks – but it’s hoped that you’ll think of the challenge as a jump start for your program. Commit to at least planning for implementing them over the next couple of quarters.

Plus, we want you to come here to the Return Path blog and talk with your fellow resolutionaries about how you might make this practice work in the real world. And all the while I’ll be serving as coach and mentor – offering advice and the kick in the pants to help you get moving.

Sign up now! You’ll get email reminders, a wrap-up document with top tips and advice from the community and a personal call from a Return Path expert. Learn more and sign up here.

Once you are signed up, come back and start talking …

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