Complete package boosts deliverability success for email senders in US and abroad

New York (April 19, 2007) – Return Path, Inc., has significantly expanded its international service offerings with increased delivery monitoring for 40 new international domains, the launch of the Sender Score Receiver Alliance, and custom monitoring services for email service providers. The combined enhancements to Sender Score Monitor and deliverability consulting make Return Path the only full-service deliverability solution for the international market.

“Whether companies realize it or not, in today’s climate most of them are global senders,” says George Bilbrey, vice president and general manager of Return Path’s Delivery Assurance Solutions. “It is critical to monitor deliverability across the globe, and we now do that in the majority of countries marketers need. Monitoring is not enough, however, so we also offer the services needed to identify and correct problems that our tracking uncovers.”

International Monitoring
The Sender Score Monitor expansion adds full coverage for Latin America, and deepens existing coverage in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Sender Score Monitor now covers the five largest internet markets in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. “The Latin American market is growing in internet use and marketing importance,” Bilbrey says. “Marketers should not ignore deliverability concerns when targeting that region.”

Countries with expanded coverage in Asia include: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Singapore. New domains were also added for the European countries of: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Sweden. For most countries, between 75-95 percent of mail volume is now monitored.

Sender Score Receiver Alliance & ESP Services
The Sender Score Receiver Alliance helps email service providers operating in Europe increase their clients’ deliverability by creating a way for email service providers and ISPs to communicate and solve deliverability challenges for permissioned email programs.

“European delivery challenges are far different than challenges experienced in North America” says Ken Takahashi, Return Path’s vice president of corporate and international development. “With so many ISPs across the region, and so many different languages to deal with, it is difficult and expensive for ESPs and marketers to go about it alone. The alliance provides a cost effective structure for email service providers to dialog with the ISP community and solve delivery challenges as their business continues to expand across countries.”

With more European senders emailing outside their home countries, the alliance provides the only cost effective solution to maintain ISP relationships and deliverability across Europe. The charter program for the Sender Score Receiver Alliance launched earlier this year with one U.S. and one European email service provider, eDialog and eCircle.

“The Sender Score Receiver Alliance provides a central contact point between ESPs and ISPs, providing local access, knowledge, specific points of view and insight for each individual market,” says Thomas Wilke, CTO and COO of eCircle. “The program helps our clients increase their success in reaching inboxes across Europe and in the United States, while also deterring spam and reducing the numbers of false positives experienced by our clients.”

Return Path has also launched a custom version of its Sender Score Monitor for international email service providers, after receiving many requests from foreign providers. ESPs can now resell deliverability monitoring to their client base through this program, providing access to the most comprehensive delivery monitoring tools on the market.

“Having access to reputation data as well as delivery statistics and rendering capabilities differentiates Return Path’s toolset for the ESP community and enables us to fix problems quickly should they arise,” says Rick Buck, director of privacy and ISP relations for e-Dialog. “That, combined with the services enabled by the Sender Score Receiver Alliance, allows us to extend our advanced email deliverability services around the world. We are very pleased to be a founding member of the Sender Score Receiver Alliance with eCircle and Return Path so that we can create collaborative dialogue and data sharing between email senders and ISPs in EMEA.”

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About Sender Score
Sender Score, Return Path’s Delivery Assurance Solutions division, helps mailers get more email delivered to the inbox by giving them the tools and insight to monitor and diagnose deliverability failures, build better email reputations, and minimize or prevent future blocking, filtering, and rendering problems. Sender Score works with both the sending and receiving communities to bring more transparent standards to email delivery and filtering. Return Path’s delivery assurance solutions include Sender Score Monitor, Sender Score Manager, and the Internet’s most widely used whitelist, Sender Score Certified. For more information, visit Get your reputation score at

About Return Path
Founded in 1999, Return Path is an email performance management company dedicated to helping its clients build better relationships with their customers, generate higher response rates, and achieve significant returns on their investments from their email programs. More than 1,500 companies currently use Return Path’s services to generate superior results from their email programs, taking advantage of Return Path’s pioneering innovations in deliverability, email list quality solutions, customer acquisition, online market research, and best practices strategy. For more information, please visit

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