Return Path Debuts In-Email Video Via Partnership With Liveclicker

The Latest Certified Premium Services Offering From Return Path Designed to Help Marketers and Publishers Increase Email ROI with Seamless, Embedded Videos

April 21, 2010 – Return Path, the global leader in email deliverability and reputation management services, in partnership with Liveclicker, the early leader in the emerging video commerce segment, today unveiled an in-video email solution to give marketers, and other companies sending email, a seamless and simple way to send in-email video.

Liveclicker Video Email Express detects a recipient’s email program in real time and renders a compatible video directly in the email using a patent-pending system. Prior to Liveclicker Video Email Express, the barrier for in-email video was high due to delivery problems, poor image rendering and the complexity of creating video that was compatible with the different email software packages, ISPs, web browsers and mobile devices in use today.

“Consumers are embracing online video at a rapid pace. Email marketers across verticals want to take advantage of video embedded within email to enhance the subscriber experience, connect with audiences in new ways, and increase ROI,” said Justin Foster, VP Market Development, Liveclicker. “Return Path has a stellar reputation with both email marketers and ISPs. We’re excited to offer Liveclicker’s in-email video technology to Return Path Certified clients.”

“Marketers are looking to incorporate in-email video to deepen their connection with subscribers – and increase ROI. However, email senders are looking for ways to easily embed videos without getting locked into a proprietary system,” said George Bilbrey, president, and co-founder, Return Path. “As the use of in-email video continues to increase, our partnership with Liveclicker offers email senders the video solution they’re looking for to take their email from good to great.”

With its Liveclicker partnership, Return Path today unveiled its new Certified Premium Services. ISPs, enterprises, and companies around the globe currently rely on the Return Path Certification whitelist to identify legitimate email from spam. In turn, the Return Path Certification whitelist gives legitimate email senders preferential treatment toward inbox placement for more than 1.8 billion email inboxes worldwide and top receivers like Hotmail and Yahoo! deliver certified email with images and links automatically turned on. Return Path is now building on these Certification benefits by partnering with top-line email solution providers to offer enhanced capabilities for increasing subscriber response and engagement, and ultimately ROI.

In addition to the powerful Liveclicker technology which removes the complexity from in-email video, Return Path will provide expert advisory services aimed at helping members leverage the technology to increase revenue, engagement and delivery.

“Maintaining high inbox placement is still key for marketers. But, once the email reaches the inbox, companies need ways to deepen their engagement with their email recipients and earn maximum ROI for the channel,” said Bilbrey. “With the launch of Certified Premium Services, our goal is to help marketers while maintaining their high inbox placement rates. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be announcing additional Certified Premium Services tools that will allow email senders to interact and strengthen their relationships with their subscribers in unique, powerful ways.”

Return Path’s recent partnership with RPost, the global leader in providing Legal Proof® records in email, was the first Certified Premium Services offering followed by today’s Liveclicker partnership announcement. The RPost/Return Path partnership allows members to leverage the high inbox placement associated with Certification to receive legally valid and court-admissible proof of email delivery.

This announcement signals Return Path’s ongoing commitment to the Certification program as a tool for both marketers and large-volume email receivers to create better inbox experiences.

“ISPs, filtering companies, and large enterprises who fight the good fight against spam every day are at the heart of everything that we do at Return Path. We’ve grown and evolved the Return Path Certified whitelist based on extensive feedback from the people who are on the front lines trying to deliver emails that people want while blocking the overwhelming volume of spam,” said Bilbrey. “With Certified Premium Services, we’re building on the trust that receivers have placed in Return Path’s certified senders by offering next generation, interactive features that we think many email recipients will enjoy.”

Learn more about Return Path’s Certified Premium Services.

About Liveclicker
Liveclicker is a technology startup focused on enabling advanced video commerce applications. In partnership with leading platform providers and commerce sites, Liveclicker is building a comprehensive solution for enabling, managing and profiting from video commerce across online marketing channels. For more information, please visit

About Return Path
Founded in 1999, Return Path helps commercial email senders get more email delivered to the inbox. Our tools and services give senders the insight and resources to diagnose and prevent email deliverability and rendering failures by improving and maintaining their email sending reputations. Our Professional Services division then helps our client improve ROI and response by creating consistent and compelling subscriber experiences across the email customer lifecycle. Return Path runs the internet’s most widely used third-party whitelist, the Return Path Certification Program. Return Path also invented the Sender Score, an email reputation measure based on data contributed by ISPs and other receivers of large volume email into the Return Path Reputation Network. We offer free access to our Sender Score to any sender, receiver or consumer of email at our reputation portal: Information about Return Path can be found at


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