Prevent importing duplicate or incomplete data sets into your Salesforce
environment to ensure campaign data accuracy.

Peace of Mind

Stop duplicates at the source with flexible and advanced matching algorithms.

Confidently execute imports with a preprocessing verification results grid.

Make accurate sales projections based on quality data.

Support data quality initiatives with proactive duplicate management.

Streamline the Import Process

Keep your Salesforce database clean as you continually add contacts and leads from tradeshow lists, marketing campaigns, or other lead generation activities.


Import new and update existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts at the same time.


Perform multiple custom comparisons between incoming data and existing Salesforce data in a single process.


Add new or existing Leads and Contacts as members to the right campaign and assign tasks for proper engagement follow-up.

What our customers are saying...

“With PeopleImport, I have saved hundreds of hours importing
data for campaigns while keeping data integrity high by ensuring
duplicates are not imported to our database.”

What our customers are saying...

“PeopleImport has become an indispensable tool for our marketing staff. We use it both to add new contacts, as well as update and append contact information. It’s saved us hours and hours of time.”

What our customers are saying...

“It is a much-needed tool to ensure the quality of the data.
I really cannot imagine what I would do without it.”

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