Optimize Your Program with Our Expanded AI Solution and Enhanced Reporting

Welcome to the new year! We’ve all had a month now to settle in, make our goals, and lay this year’s foundation for our companies, our customers, and ourselves. The Return Path team has spent the last month gearing up for a big year full of new product innovations that help email marketers achieve their goals. Today we’re excited to announce the expansion of two offerings: Dynamic Optimization and our Reporting solutions.

Dynamic Optimization for All Clients
Back in October, we introduced an exciting new offering for our Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers: Dynamic Optimization. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that this integrated sending solution is available for all clients, regardless of ESP, via our specialized API!

With Dynamic Optimization, Return Path does the data analytics for you. Using your unique customer event data, like opens and clicks, we provide customized recommendations designed to solve specific email marketing problems like low inbox placement and subscriber fatigue. Implementing these recommendations improves email program performance and increases ROI from email.

The Dynamic Optimization solution includes two integrated solutions:

Sending Priority: Major mailbox providers like Gmail and Microsoft rely heavily on real-time engagement data as part of their filtering algorithms, which can make inbox placement more difficult. To help protect your deliverability, Return Path’s Sending Priority solution applies advanced analytics to your data in order to classify each individual subscriber based on engagement and place them into a group with similar subscribers. These results generate unique, specific, and customized recommendations on exactly how to prioritize email sends for each group within a given campaign. Sending to the most engaged subscribers first gives spam filters time to react, and the positive engagement from this initial send leads to improved inbox placement for the campaign’s remaining segments.

Engagement Assurance: Sending too much marketing email can drive subscribers to disengage, leading to elevated unsubscribe rates and decreasing the lifetime value of a subscriber list. Return Path’s Engagement Assurance solution identifies fatigued subscribers who should be temporarily suppressed from further email sends, in order to prevent negative engagement and unsubscribes. These recommendations also determine when suppressed subscribers should be added back to the active mailing list. The result: decreased list churn, improved subscriber engagement, and increased lifetime value of subscribers.

The recommendations generated by Sending Priority and Engagement Assurance are constantly updated, providing truly dynamic solutions. In addition, these recommendations will actually improve over time as the advanced analytics models “learn” with the addition of new data.

If you are a current Return Path client and want to learn more about how to implement Dynamic Optimization with our API, please reach out to your account team or open a ticket via our Help Center. New to Return Path? Request a demo!

Custom and Directive Reporting
We’re also pleased to introduce new reporting functionality, delivered exclusively by our expert service team. Being an email marketer means you have large amounts of data to sort through to understand how your email program is performing.

With Return Path’s Custom Reporting, you’ll receive a comprehensive view of your data in a customized, organized, and actionable deliverable, along with expert guidance to address top concerns affecting your deliverability and placement. As common issues, themes, and challenges arise, Directive Reporting provides a step by step execution plan, using data science, modeling, and advanced analytics to get to the bottom of your biggest business challenges. Together, you have continuous visibility into the progress you’re making to improve your overall email program.

Interested in learning more about our new products? Reach out to your Return Path account team or request a demo!

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