[New Research] Are These Hidden Metrics Harming Your Deliverability?

Reaching the inbox is not as simple as hitting send. Once a message is deployed, it must bypass multiple filters mailbox providers have in place to verify the message is both a legitimate message and desired by their users. Most marketers know and are actively optimizing their email programs to ensure their email is deemed safe. However, proving that their email is desired by subscribers is a newer, tougher challenge.

To determine whether or not to deliver mail to subscriber inboxes, mailbox providers factor in engagement-based metrics in their filtering decisions. These engagement metrics are those measurable on the mailbox provider side and are hidden from marketers and email service providers.

In our second annual benchmark—The Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability—we uncover the industry benchmarks for seven key engagement measurements, including:

  • A detailed overview of the hidden metrics and how they are calculated
  • The effects each metric has on an email program
  • Industry specific results for each metric, broken down by quarter
  • Year over year comparison for each industry in each metric

Use these missing metrics to uncover the hidden gaps in your email program.

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