Neiman Marcus Partners with Return Path to Combat Email Fraud

Today, Neiman Marcus joined the growing list of leading retail brands protecting consumers from phishing attacks by deploying Return Path’s Email Fraud Protection solution.

Now, the company, which has worked with Return Path for more than a decade to optimize its email program, will have the ability to detect and mitigate fraudulent emails spoofing both their domain and their brand.

“Our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service has made Neiman Marcus one of the most recognized and trusted luxury brands in the world. Email fraud undermines that trust, harms consumers and our business, and it needs to stop,” said Catherine Davis, Vice President of Marketing, Neiman Marcus. “We are taking proactive actions to combat potential future spoofing and phishing attacks. Working with Return Path will help us to deliver a safe customer experience for all of our valued email subscribers.”

In a recent survey, 42 percent of independent retailers rate email as a “very effective” marketing tool. Unfortunately, it’s also a very effective channel for cyber criminals. Malicious email messages may contain malware or links to fraudulent sites set up to steal personal information, account credentials, or passwords. And a single successful attack can destroy consumer trust and damage ROI from the email channel.

The retail industry is arguably the hottest new cybercrime target. In 2010, fewer than 10 percent of businesses in the S&P 100 Index identified cyber security as a risk. Today, Bloomberg found more than 75 percent of them do identify cyber security as a risk.

Our latest DMARC Intelligence Report, which tracks adoption of the email authentication protocol across 1,000 global brands, shows only one in four large retailers surveyed were publishing a DMARC record—and, therefore, taking proactive steps toward better email fraud protection.

Across all industries, market leaders are paving the way for a more secure brand experience. Neiman Marcus has a deep tradition of leadership in the luxury retail world, and by refusing to tolerate phishers’ abuse of its customers and brand, it can inspire other merchants to take action against email fraud.

For more information on the cybercrime challenges faced by global retail brands today, download our Retail Guide to Email Fraud.

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