Inbox Preview and Email Client Monitor: A Perfect Pair for Email QA

They say hindsight is 20/20, which is why many email marketers out there would be quick to tell you what aspects of an unsuccessful campaign they would change. Luckily for them, Return Path offers a solution to this problem with the Inbox Preview tool. By using Inbox Preview, users are able to quickly identify any issues before deploying a campaign. With Inbox Preview, you can see not only how your email will render, but also if it will pass spam filters or if there are broken links. There are many ways to utilize Inbox Preview, but perhaps the most successful is to optimize your email using Inbox Preview in conjunction with Email Client Monitor.

While Inbox Preview allows you to render emails pre-deployment, to avoid any creative or HTML issues, Email Client Monitor tells you where you should focus your effort. Email Client Monitor is our pixel-based tool that allows you to see which devices or browsers your subscriber list uses to open mail. If Email Client Monitor shows the majority of your list opens on a mobile device or in a specific browser, then you can narrow your focus to a handful of renderings. Inbox Preview has about 50 different email previews and each email client treats code a little differently—this can lead to a big headache if you try to make every rendering perfect! Using the data found in Email Client Monitor will allow you to streamline your email QA process and optimize the creative for your actual subscribers.

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Once you perfect the renderings, you can begin to look at the spam filter and content assessment checks Inbox Preview offers. The spam filter check gives you insight into whether or not your email might fail a particular spam filter before you deploy. If you don’t pass the spam filter check, Inbox Preview provides additional direction as what you need to adjust—whether it’s too many images or too many spammy words. The content assessment feature checks to make sure every link is valid and not on a blacklist. This helps you to continue simplifying your pre-deployment process and avoid the need to click on every link. Email marketers know the importance of testing an email before deployment. Using Inbox Preview together with Email Client Monitor helps make the process as efficient and effective as possible.


Knowledge is power. Utilizing Inbox Preview and Email Client Monitor in tandem allows your email marketing team to tailor messages specifically for the devices your subscribers use the most. Once you understand where the majority of your opens come from, you can use that knowledge to optimize creative. 


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