How to use Frequency Finder Like a Pro

Here at Return Path, we are always trying to find new ways to take our client’s email marketing programs to the next level. We listen to our clients needs, wants, and wildest dreams and strive if we can make them a reality. This is one of the many reasons why I love working at Return Path. Once we create a tool we believe our clients will love, our clients are able to test them out. This gives our clients access to a potential tool as well as gives us feedback on whether we are headed in the right direction.

Frequency Finder is an application currently available through our Lab. This app fed by our Data Cloud can be used to identify the frequency and active list size of your competitors so you can benchmark whether you are over sending to your own list and to see how much of your list is actually engaged with your mail.

Understand Your Competition
With our Frequency Finder tool, we are able to see how many of your subscribers are part of our Consumer Data Network. From there, we break down the number of subscribers who engage with their inbox and read all or most of their messages, selectively read emails, and never read their mail. The categories in Frequency Finder are ‘primary,’ ‘secondary,’ and ‘dead’ accounts. Because you are able to type any domain into the finder this gives you the opportunity to see what percentage of your competitor’s subscriber list is reading their mail as well as your competitor’s frequency. This insight allows you to see your competitors tactics to potentially match them or even one up them. Let the games begin.


Understanding Your Own List
List hygiene is the top priority when it comes to good sending practices. Consistently sending to subscribers who do not engage with your email—or even worse, are not active subscribers—will not only cause complaints but will eventually get your mail blocked by mailbox providers. Understanding how many of your subscribers are engaged with their inbox—versus those who are not as engaged or not engaged at all—will help you see who should receive the majority of your mail.


As you can see, 50% of this sender’s list are subscribers who do not fully engage with their own inbox and only comprise 6% of their reads. A large part of their list makes up such a small percentage of their reads and yet these subscribers receive four emails a week. Subscribers who do not interact with their mail box as often or are selective with the messages they read, could perceive all this mail as noise and delete their mail without reading, move to the junk folder, or vote this mail as junk on an SRD survey. Sending mail to engaged users at a high frequency can get your email program into hot water but, with Frequency Finder you are able to detect these issues and test different frequencies and win-back strategies to re-engage this group of subscribers.

Be Aware of Spam Traps 
Frequency Finder can also help you find any spam traps or potential spam traps on your list. Spam traps are email addresses that once were used but over time have been abandoned. Mailbox providers shut down these email addresses to let senders know the email address is no longer in use. Then, mailbox providers use these email addresses to catch senders who do not have strict list hygiene practices. Dead accounts are email addresses that have no activity whatsoever. Dead addresses indicate your subscriber list may need to be cleaned up a little bit.


Frequency Finder is a great tool created by Return Path which allows our customers to see how much of their list is a potential danger to their email marketing program. It also gives our clients insight into their competitors sending frequency and list size. Frequency Finder also gives senders visibility into how engaged their own subscribers are, what percentage of their list engages with their mail, and how to detect possible spam traps.

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