Email Genius Academy Intern Spotlight: Christine Lim

: Christine Lim

Return Path position: Software engineer intern on Data Presentation team in Broomfield, CO.

Education: Computer Science and Psychology major at the University of Pittsburgh. Expected Graduation: Winter 2015

Walk me through your typical day at Return Path.
I usually arrive to Return Path’s Colorado office at 9:00 am, grab some breakfast from the kitchen, and then head to my team’s lab. The first thing I do at my computer is check for messages in my email and Slack, which is a real-time messaging system that Return Path employees use. I also check my calendar for that day’s meetings, which are typically with my manager or with teams doing work that affects our team. I then work on whatever open tasks I have until our daily standup meeting at 11:00 am. Our standup meeting usually keeps me busy until lunch, which is when I get to catch up with the other interns or meet people from other teams. Afterward, aside from meetings and the occasional game room break, I spend the rest of the day continuing to work on my tasks. In the time I have been here, there have  been quite a few happy hours hosted by different teams, which is always a nice way to end the day!

As for the main project I am working on this summer, I am creating a data parser from scratch that will extract important information from emails as we get them and store it in our database for future usage. I really like my project because I get to work with some computer languages and tools that I am already familiar with, such as Java and Git, but also integrate it with things that I have not used before, like different database technologies. Not only have I already learned a lot, but I feel like this really gives me a fuller picture of how different tools can work together and how they are used in a real-world setting.

What is your favorite aspect about being an intern at Return Path?
I really appreciate how welcoming everyone is! I initially moved here without knowing anyone in Colorado, but everyone I have met so far has been really warm and friendly. I have received countless suggestions of fun things to do and offers of help with anything if I need it. A co-worker, also living in Boulder, even offered to have his in-laws make a homecooked meal for me if I was feeling homesick!

During new hire onboarding, someone said that Return Path is like a second family, and it really is true.

What type of advice would you give to future interns looking to work at Return Path?
Get to know the people here! Networking is important and in my experience, the people at Return Path genuinely want the best for you. Once, I  mentioned to my recruiter that I was enjoying my internship experience and was looking into finding other interning opportunities. After that conversation, she offered to keep me in mind for any future opportunities at Return Path. She even put me in contact with some of her recruiter friends at other companies as well. I was surprised and touched by how happy and proactive she was about helping me, and since then I have realized that everyone else here is just as supportive of each other!

What is one item on your bucket list?
I grew up in the city my entire life so I have never seen a real starry night sky. I want to go a step further and see the auroras in Alaska!

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