Dreamforce 101: Get the Most Out of Dreamforce 2019

With over 170,000 attendees and 500 partner companies attending, Dreamforce can be an overwhelming week of information gathering, networking, and socializing. Getting the most out of this amazing experience takes some prep work in advance! Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your Dreamforce 2019 experience.


Research, Research, Research!

Familiarize yourself with who is attending, sponsoring, and speaking at Dreamforce 2019. Not only will this help you determine where you want to focus your efforts, but it will also help you plan your week accordingly. (Hint: Keynotes fill up fast! Get in line early.)

See a speaker or sponsor that interests you? Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter before you leave. Sponsors will be updating social media throughout the week with reminders of their events and sessions.

Decide what vendors you want to meet with while you are in San Francisco. Review the Expo maps and decide what booths you want to visit. Walking into the Expo for the first time is exciting and overwhelming! It is easy to get sidetracked with all the sparkly swag being tossed your way. A checklist of booths to visit can help keep you on track!

Many companies will have special events and reserved meeting space pre-arranged. Validity, for example, has several events planned for Dreamforce 2019 to connect with customers. Make sure to put us on your list!



Each team member attending Dreamforce should identify a focus or objective for the week. Once you have selected a focus, check out the agenda builder to determine what sessions fit into your goals. Your focus will vary depending on your role. Need a recommendation? Data quality, sales productivity, and email campaign success are topics near and dear to us at Validity.

If you are going with a team, make sure to divide and concur. While it is fun to attend sessions with your colleagues, it is more fun to come back as experts in a couple of different areas.


Make a Plan… Your Dreamforce 2019 Bucket List 

It is important to build your agenda before you step foot on the plane. This not only means signing up for sessions you want to attend, but also planning out each day! Pick a day to hit the Expo, pencil in time to meet with vendors, and schedule some time for FUN in San Francisco.

Dreamforce week is filled with networking events and parties. Make sure to sign up for any organized event you want to attend in advance. They fill up quickly!

Familiarize yourself with the conference map and download the Dreamforce app! Plan daily routes in advance to maximize your time. Make a Dreamforce 2019 bucket list and add those items to your daily route so that you don’t miss a thing. Need bucket list ideas? Consider adding things like the DF19 Kickoff Run (Join Validity’s Chis Hyde for a run across the Golden Gate Bridge!), the Dreamfest Concert (Fleetwood Mac!) and benefit for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, and the Welcome Jamboree to your list.

Having dinner with colleagues or friends? Make a reservation in advance. With 170,000 extra people in San Francisco that week, restaurants fill up fast!

Plan for networking! You’ve signed up for social events and parties; make sure you have business cards handy. Can’t keep up with business cards in the digital age? Just snap a quick pic with your phone and you’ll have it forever.


Beware of Barking Dogs

No, not literal barking dogs, just your poor feet after a week of walking around downtown San Francisco. Don’t underestimate the power of comfortable footwear. Pack several shoe options. Even the most comfortable shoes can make for angry feet after days of walking.

Grab a pack (or 4) of blister specific Band-Aids before you leave. Regular Band-Aids won’t hold up to the walking marathon that is Dreamforce.

Count your steps! Make sure to have your activity trackers packed and charged. If you have a team going, start a competition to see who takes the most Dreamforce steps. You will be guaranteed to reach your goal every day.


Prepare for Information Overload 

Prepare for your brain to be jam-packed full of information during the week. Also, prepare for the physical pieces of information you will want to bring home! Pack a document organizer or folder to keep track of the information you receive. Create labels related to your focus or the vendors you plan to meet with so that everything will have a place.

Each night when you get back to your room, spend 10 minutes filing away those documents. This will help make it easier to review the information when you get back to your desk. The Dreamforce hangover is real. You will be exhausted when you get back. Doing this in advance will ensure that this information comes back in a way that will make you want to review it!


Rest and Recuperate

That’s it! Your week at Dreamforce 2019 will fly by. Don’t plan too much for the weekend after you return. You will want to nap frequently. Have a great trip!

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