Data-Driven Deliverability

Today, we announced a major upgrade of our Sender Score Monitor deliverability platform to include integrated real-time reputation analytics into our Mailbox Monitor campaign tracking module (see the official release here).

Well, we’ve reported – and others have echoed – that sender reputation is the main driver of blocking and filtering by ISPs and commercial spam filters. On average, 83% of false positive filtering of legitimate, permissioned, marketer and publisher email is driven by the reputation of your sending IP address or domains – things like complaints, security holes in your email servers, and spam trap hits.

So now our service helps guide clients to immediately diagnose all of the major root causes of deliverability failures.

Why is this a big deal?

The email deliverability world has long been filled with mystique and intrigue. Mailers have felt for years that ISPs acted arbitrarily in making filtering decisions, that the only way to solve deliverability failures was to call ISPs, and that there is some kind of secret handshake that’s required to get mail delivered at various ISPs.

That’s a very 2003 view of the world. Today’s reality couldn’t be more different. We are increasingly living in a transparent, data-driven world. While ISP mediation can occasionally help support a deliverability repair, it is one of many tools required to solve a problem – and usually, it’s imperative that a mailer understand his or her reputation metrics before getting in touch with an ISP anyway. As we always tell clients, “there is no bat phone.”

The availability of data and analytics through Sender Score (and various other sources as well) is turning deliverability improvement into a much more data-driven process than ever before. And that’s good news for direct marketers, who are incredibly data-driven professionals in the first place!

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