Christine Borgia and Todd Herr, Formerly of AOL and Time Warner Cable/Road Runner, Join Return Path

Email Industry Experts Bring Experience In the Complex, Massive, 24×7 Fight That ISPs Wage Against Spam and Messaging Abuse

April 29, 2010 – New York, NYReturn Path, the global leader in email deliverability and reputation management services, today announced that Christine Borgia and Todd Herr, email industry veterans, have joined the company.

Borgia, former head of the Postmaster team at global ISP AOL, and Herr, former Postmaster at Time Warner Cable/Road Runner, will work with Return Path’s team of email/spam experts, including J.D. Falk, formerly of Yahoo!’s Postmaster Team, and Neil Schwartzman, long-time spam fighter, among many others.

“The vast majority of people take for granted when they check their email that they’ll receive the emails that they want to receive, and not receive spam emails. That certainly sounds simple. However, behind the scenes, the reality is far more complex,” said George Bilbrey, President, and co-founder, Return Path. “ISPs are inundated every minute of every day with unrelenting amounts of spam. ISPs have to deflect that spam, while also identifying, on the fly, which incoming emails are legitimate and should be delivered to consumers’ inboxes. Return Path has designed and deployed multiple tools and services to aid ISPs in identifying which emails are malicious and which are trustworthy and wanted by consumers. Christine Borgia and Todd Herr will be integral Return Path team members that understand the challenges and needs of ISPs in battling spam and dangerous email activity.”

Christine Borgia worked on the email frontlines every day as the leader of the AOL Postmaster team. In her role as Senior Director, Receiver Services at Return Path she will work closely with all ISPs and enterprises using Return Path’s tools and reputation data. Borgia will act as a resource and facilitator to help ISPs and other email receivers integrate and maximize their use of Return Path’s services and tools to help themselves save time and money.

“While working at AOL, I was very impressed with the services, tools, and data that Return Path offers mailbox providers to help make a tough job easier,” Borgia said. “Now, I have a great opportunity to lead Return Path’s efforts to provide products and services that help these companies sort good mail from bad, identify spam faster, and focus their efforts where they are most needed. Return Path is committed to keeping the pulse of the anti-spam community and to helping receivers focus on spam fighting so they can spend less time worrying about legitimate messages. I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Todd Herr, in his role as Group Product Manager, will be working to further strengthen the tools and services that Return Path provides for ISPs and enterprises receiving large volumes of email. In addition, with his extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by large volume email receivers on a daily basis, Herr will be working with Return Path’s Receiver Services team to develop new tools and services to help in the constant effort to sort legitimate email from ever-inventive spam attacks.

“From my work at Time Warner Cable/Road Runner, I’m intimately familiar with the daily challenge of smoothly handling an inbound email stream ­ customers have to be able to receive email that they want to receive, and they want little to no unwanted mail cluttering their inbox,” Herr said. “With that knowledge, I will work with Return Path’s already experienced team to expand existing products and launch new services and products to support ISPs in their daily work to manage incoming email streams.”

About Return Path
Founded in 1999, Return Path helps commercial email senders get more email delivered to the inbox. Our tools and services give senders the insight and resources to diagnose and prevent email deliverability and rendering failures by improving and maintaining their email sending reputations. Our Professional Services division then helps our client improve ROI and response by creating consistent and compelling subscriber experiences across the email customer lifecycle. Return Path runs the internet’s most widely used third-party whitelist, the Return Path Certification Program. Return Path also invented the Sender Score, an email reputation measure based on data contributed by ISPs and other receivers of large volume email into the Return Path Reputation Network. We offer free access to our Sender Score to any sender, receiver or consumer of email at our reputation portal: Information about Return Path can be found at


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