Build On Email Marketing Basics

Like a winning high school basketball team, effective marketing starts with fundamentals.

BriteVerify Product Manager Rozina Hussain wrote a guest post on Campaigner highlighting some email marketing basics. She notes that when marketers build on a solid foundation, “it’s easier to test new tools while making sure all of the extensive leg work from the past doesn’t just disappear.”

Here are some excerpts from her article, which also includes “possible upgrades to boost 2017 outcomes”:

Remaining Customer-Centric

As segmentation is expected to play a larger role in enabling marketers to build a more personalized customer experience with the help of big data, analytics and advanced computing power, introducing enrichment tools that can enhance collected information allows for deeper segmentation. For example, you can identify gender and geography and combine that information with weather forecasts to more successfully target raincoat offers to women in states expected to get heavy rain the coming weeks.

Pursuing Data Integrity

Cleaning your list to check for emails with deliverable inbox or adding a verification tool on your web form for email entry mistakes reduces your bounce rate, improves deliverability and even affects your ROI since every missed inbox is a missed opportunity.

Measuring Performance

. . . email offers myriad data points from unlocking customers’ brand preferences, to travel itineraries, to shipping confirmations, to online and offline receipts; so soon enough it will be a hot commodity for others in your organization for identifying new insights that will reflect in product and services rendered.

Check out the full piece on Campaigner and remember: perfecting your dribble will help you master your dunk.

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