Sales Productivity and GridBuddy: Solve Common Salesforce Pain Points

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If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time in Salesforce clicking “view all,” waiting for related items to load, scrolling through list views, and modifying Salesforce reports. All of this takes precious time that we’d all rather spend getting work done. That’s where GridBuddy comes into play.

With Grids, you can edit multiple objects and records in a single page. Here are four key features within GridBuddy that will help you solve common Salesforce pain points and make your life so much easier. 

Conditional Formatting 

Use conditional formatting to format your grid data so that important values in your grid visually pop out. Your end-users can load their grids and quickly see which records require their attention.  

For example, in the below screenshot you can see the “close date” field is highlighted in red, which in this case means that the date is in the past. Without even focusing on the grid, I immediately know that all of these records need an updated close date. 

Conditional Formatting in GridBuddy

Data Cards  

If you enable the Data Cards feature on your grid (step two of the Grid Wizard), you will have the option of adding lower priority or nice-to-have fields in your grid without extending its horizontal widthEnd-users don’t like scrolling left-to-right, so if you need 50 fields in a grid but still want your end-users to be happy, Data Cards is the way to go. 

Place top priority fields across the top of your grid and drag all the other fields to the Data Card area. Once you save, you’ll see a small hamburger icon to the left of each record. Click this icon to expand or collapse the Data Card (I.e., to view or hide the Data Card fields). You can always add or remove fields from this area in step two of the Grid Wizard or from More > Edit fields.  

This feature is especially useful for a mobile grid, where horizontal real estate is critical. Read more about mobile best practices for grids.

Data Cards in GridBuddy

Freeze Columns 

If your use case requires a lot of fields across the top of your grid and left-to-right scrolling is required, you can use freeze columns so as you scroll to the right, whichever columns you have frozen remain visible on the left of the screen. Just click the gear icon on the column you want to freeze, and select freeze columns.” Click the gear icon again to unfreeze.    

Freeze Columns in GridBuddy

Flat View 

If you ever get the request to show two objects in a single grid row, flat view can do it. Flat view combines your parent object with one child object and shows the fields in a single grid row. Remember that this is only done in the grid: The Salesforce objects themselves have not been changed. Using flat view allows you to view and edit two objects in one rowbut if you create a new record while in flat view, you will actually create a new parent and child record at once 

Go to More > Edit fields, and click the three dots to the right of the child object. This will open Object Properties. Check the “flat view” checkbox, and this object will merge with the parent. Rearrange the fields into the order you prefer, save, and enjoy.  

Flat View in GridBuddy

More GridBuddy, More Sales Productivity

Learn about other GridBuddy features in our Validity Community (requires customer login), or contact us for a custom demo. We’d love to hear from you. 





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