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An Exciting DemandTools Announcement at Dreamforce 2021

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Validity has had a long, storied history at Dreamforce, dating back to the CRMfusion days when DemandTools was still in its infancy. We’ve come a long way in two decades, and in parallel, have seen Salesforce grow in unprecedented ways.

The evolution of Salesforce and DemandTools

In March 1999, Salesforce was created so businesses could store customer data in a shared space rather than in disparate systems. By July 2000, this innovative way of storing customer data took off and over 5,000 businesses were using Salesforce.

However, working in a shared space meant more opportunities for bad data to be entered into the system—sometimes more than once. To combat this issue, CRMfusion launched DemandTools at Dreamforce 2004, which empowered users to deduplicate data in bulk and gave them more control over the management of their data and its quality.

Since then, both Salesforce and DemandTools have evolved significantly and have completely transformed the way we manage our data. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 2005: Salesforce introduced the AppExchange at Dreamforce 2005, upgrading itself from a software to a platform.
  • 2008: DupeBlocker was released as the first real-time duplicate prevention tool for Salesforce.
  • 2010: Salesforce started connecting to other systems (i.e., Finance, Customer Success, and more).
  • 2021: Salesforce’s customer base has grown to include over 150,000 businesses.

Watch our Salesforce+ on-demand session

Although this year will be very different than in years past, we are extremely excited to be Gold Sponsors of Dreamforce 2021. While we won’t have team members in San Francisco attending, we do have a really exciting on-demand content session waiting for you starting September 21st.

Our very own Chris Hyde (SVP, Global Head of Data Solutions) is joining me to present a fantastic on-demand session as part of the inaugural slate of Salesforce+ content for Dreamforce. Our session, “Five Lessons from Automating Over 80 Million Data Quality Jobs” (and yes, we really did!), is a lesson-packed walk down memory lane, from the dawn of Salesforce through to the modern age and future of CRM data hygiene and much more.

We fit a lot of great content into 18 minutes and hope that you’ll join us for the session. Be sure to register for Dreamforce here for FREE!

…and one more thing

It wouldn’t be Dreamforce without some big and exciting news. We’ve got something years in the making that we’re thrilled to be announcing in our Salesforce+ session. Here’s a hint: It’s going to bring something critical into DemandTools itself for the first time. Be sure to tune in to see what we’re unveiling, and after the session, don’t forget to join our VIP list so you’re first in line to receive exclusive access and updates on this exciting launch!



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