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Are You Haunted by Mysterious Email Performance Issues?

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When there’s something strange in your email campaign performance, who ya gonna call?


The first signs of an email performance problems could be small, innocuous. Perhaps your delivered rate is lower than usual, or your open rate is noticeably different than recent, similar sends. These little signals are tip-offs there is a larger issue at play, and you need more information to figure out what’s gone wrong.

These email marketers…are the lucky ones.

Others find themselves suddenly delivering zero email. There are no opens, no clicks, no conversation. It’s a ghost town out there. All you know is something is wrong, and you need to fix it.

That’s where Everest comes in.

More data, less problems.

When you get the first signs of a deliverability problem, you’ll want to know exactly what’s happened to cause a drop in inbox placement or opens. Have you been blocklisted? With Everest, you have access to the most prominent blocklists in the industry to help you figure out if your mail is being denied at mailbox providers (MBP), and if so, you’ll also have deep data from feedback loops and negative engagement signals to help you pinpoint where things went south.

If your email woes are not so extreme as to have no mail being delivered to your subscribers, you’ll get more clues in some of the other data points Everest offers. Unlike surface metrics available from email service providers, like opens or clicks, Everest provides deep insight into each deployment. You’ll see your program health at all major MBPs, you’ll see if you’re hitting an unacceptably high number of spam traps, and you even have the able to pre-test your email to see if content is flagging spam filters or seed tests are indicating a potential delivery issue.

With all this knowledge at your fingertips, you won’t feel blindsided or lost if something does happen to go awry.

Knowledge is power.

Everest gave you the data you need to solve your email problem, but it won’t stop there. Now you can troubleshoot, improve, and optimize your email campaign performance from the same platform you used to diagnose the issue. Notice your spam trap hits are causing issues? Everest offers a list validation solution to help you clean your lists to keep them free of suspicious addresses that could be harming your reputation.

Maybe your email engagement at one MBP is lower than another. Using Everest’s design and content tools, you can test to see if your email is rendering unusually at that inbox. Or, maybe your email is displaying poorly on a well-known and highly popular mobile device. Diagnose the problem with design tests, then test your fix before your next send. Done and done.

There are more use cases for marketers looking to get more ROI from email than there are ghosts in all the Ghostbuster movies combined. That’s a lot. Don’t let your email program performance be a terrifying surprise to you. Get Everest and conquer your fears…of never reaching peak email performance.



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