Healthcare Marketing: 4 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Improve the Patient Experience

Digital marketing plays a critical role in helping healthcare providers deliver superior service and care for their patients. Whether you’re launching an informational email campaign, posting educational resources related to your specific field of medicine, optimizing your website, or ensuring your contact list stays up to date, digital marketing can assist with improving the overall experience of your patients, as well as help your business attract new ones.

Let’s look at four specific ways digital marketing in healthcare can help improve the patient experience.


Marketing Automation

Using marketing automation tools such as email sequencing can help you take your provider-patient communication to the next level. There is no shortage of ways to incorporate automation into your marketing strategy to help improve the patient experience, such as:

  • Sending regularly scheduled reminders for check-ups, procedures, and other medical issues your patients may need to follow-up on
  • Segmenting your patient email addresses so you can provide more tailored content to these segmented lists (for example, you can develop content relevant to the elderly and send it exclusively to your senior patients)
  • Scheduling updates to your practice’s social media sites. Social media can be an effective communication tool for sending out messages to your existing patients or promoting your services and specialties to potential patients who have yet to seek care

Use Online Resources for Education

Digital Marketing in Healthcare Your digital marketing platforms offer wonderful opportunities to educate both your current and potential patients. For example, you can email your patients with background information on the specialty services or procedures you provide. You can craft infographics and post them to your social media networks or email them to your patient email list. You can update your website with blog posts and other content specific to your practice that the general public can’t find elsewhere.

By using digital marketing to educate, you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader in your specific field of medicine. Potential patients will trust you more as an authority and will be more likely to seek your counsel. More importantly, you are providing your expertise and knowledge to your patients. You can also use this as an opportunity to provide tips on preventative care tactics such as physical fitness and proper nutrition. This helps your patients improve their health even outside your office.

Adopt a User-Friendly Website

An easy to navigate website is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolbox. When a healthcare provider’s website is dominated by confusing graphics and clutter, this can result in a negative impact on the patient’s user experience.

SO first, analyze your website and the user experience. Survey your patients about its usability. Test its loading speed to determine how quickly users can access it. Look at it with a critical eye. Are you able to find crucial information easily?

Adopt a clean design that relies heavily on white space. Clearly label all subpages in your navigation toolbar. Have your practice’s contact information (address, phone number, and email) marked clearly somewhere on either your landing page or a specifically designed “Contact” section of your website. Post user testimonials to serve as a testament to the high-quality service you provide while giving your practice the social proof needed to attract and help new patients.

Make it as easy as possible for your patients to navigate your site. It will make their patient experience that much more convenient.

Maintain Updated Contact Databases

Another critical part of using digital marketing to serve your patients effectively is maintaining up-to-date contact lists. When you keep your patients’ contact information updated, you ensure no lapses in communication with them.

Misplaced or insufficient patient data could lead to an inability to stay in touch. If you can’t stay in touch with them, you can’t follow up for reminders on check-ups or other critical medical information they may need.

Using an email verification solution helps you ensure all the emails in your database are correct leading to open lines of communication with all your patients. Validity offers proven data integrity solutions for healthcare providers. For more on what we can do to help, consult our website.

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