The Best Triggered Email I Ever Received

Triggered emails are some of the most profitable, engaging emails that a marketer can send.  By their very nature, they are more relevant and when done well, they have a much higher likelihood of resonating with recipients.   According to Epsilon’s Q2 2014 North American Trends and Benchmark report, triggered messages drove 74.9% higher open rates and 161.9% higher click rates than standard emails in Q2 of 2014.

Marketing automation platforms and ESPs are making it easier than ever to incorporate these messages into a brands overall email program strategy.  For our second “Best Ever” blog post of the series, we’re featuring triggered emails that made our consultants’ list of favorites.


Alex Braunstein
SL: Alexandra, we hope you didn’t forget! Seamless, an online food ordering service, sent me this clever triggered email to celebrate my subscriber anniversary. The subject line, which utilized first name personalization, caught my attention and made me want to find out what the message was about. The creative features an eye catching animated gif and uses a fun play on words by wishing me a “happy foodsiversary.” An anniversary email is a great way to make each subscriber feel unique and special while also creating brand loyalty and in this case, promoting a current contest.




Bonnie Malone
Subject Line 1: “Thank you for your Target order”
Subject Line 2: “Your item(s) are ready for pickup at Target”
Subject Line 3: “Receipt for your Target Store Pickup order”
After making an online purchase with in-store pickup for a Christmas gift for my daughter, I really appreciated the information Target included in this series of triggered emails. They set clear expectations about the process, kept me updated with each step, and provided great resources and FAQs in each message. As a first time buy-online/pickup-in-store purchaser, this made the process smooth and easy for me!



Rafael Viana
Peixe Urbano
Subject Line (Portuguese): Continue sua Compra – Rodizio de Churrasco p/ 1 na Churrascaria Vento Haragano
Subject Line (English): Continue your Purchase – All you can eat Barbecue for 1 person at Churrascaria Vento Haragano
Peixe Urbano’s makes use of real-time marketing to identify visitors that have abandoned the shopping cart and to reach out to them via email and via Facebook notification (integrating the checkout page directly on Facebook). The message itself is very straight forward and its goal is to get the visitor to go back to the website and buy the deal.  The fact that this campaign is more about timing than content is what makes it a great example.



Julia Peavy
Subject Line: Wait no more! The product you requested is back in stock
Everyone forgets (yes, this includes your subscribers), but this Wayfair “back in stock email” reminds subscribers about a product that is now available for purchase. What better way to reach out to your potential customers with very relevant, personalized content and provide the opportunity to increase conversions? If a site visitor is willing to provide you their email address in order to be notified of an out-of-stock product, this is likely a very interested potential customer and a great opportunity to increase revenue.



Stephanie Colleton 
Subject Line: Thanks for stopping by…
Lighting and decorative accessory retailer Bellacor sent a triggered message based on the products I had browsed and recently added to my wishlist. The email features a wishlist item with the customer service email address and phone number and an add to cart button. Beneath the featured item are related products that were either also in the wishlist, were browsed or are similar items. The email is a smart way to remind subscribers of products they have already shown interest in and get them back to shopping on the site



Guy Hanson 
Pizza Express
Subject Line:  Happy Birthday Guy
This birthday email captures attention and capitalizes on the celebratory messaging by including a GIF that shows the Prosecco being poured into the champagne flute.  In addition, the clever use of text and background colors ensures that the email looks good, even with images off.



Casey Swanton
Subject Line: Need Some Space?
The content of this email focuses solely on enhancing the subscriber experience by driving them to the preference center. While I appreciate the directness and simplicity of this email, I was most impressed by the timing. After signing up on 12/8/14, I failed to open or click any of the Micheals’ emails I received. Rather than waiting for a more traditional re-engagement threshold (such as 6 months or 1 year), Michaels sent this early re-engagement campaign on 1/17/15, just over a month from the time I signed up. By doing so, Michaels is much more likely to revive interest in the brand and spark activity with the email program.


Be sure to check out the first post in the “Best Ever” series: The Best Email I Ever Received:  Holiday Edition

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