If You Wouldn't Read It, Then Why Would Your Subscribers?

Tell me about the last time you opened a magazine and the images weren’t properly formatted and the text didn’t align or make sense. Would you attempt to read the article? Or would you just throw the magazine away? I would probably trash it, and my hunch is you would as well.

So when designing your emails, why would you not keep the same high standards? If you don’t want to be compared to or treated like a cheap magazine then you need to step up your game. Did you know the same email could appear very differently across various email clients? As a result, the device your subscribers are viewing your messages on can drastically change their experience, and a poor experience equals less engagement/revenue etc. for you.

Let’s look at mobile devices. Mobile opens account for 54 percent of all opens. That’s up 133 percent from 2011! Not only are more people viewing their emails on phones, they’re also spending less time doing so–opting to skim instead. So what does this mean?

It means it’s time to start optimizing renderings by device or email client type. In the below example, Outlook (desktop) is flawless, allowing subscribers to see all sales as well as the “call to action.” On the mobile device, however, subscribers are required to scroll and scroll and scroll (….and scroll) to reach the end. The content is not properly aligned and the overall email is exhausting.


So now what? Well, step one is to know how your creatives are rendering at all mailbox providers and on all devices. Upload creatives to Inbox Preview and check out the overall feel. Inbox Preview has 40+ email renders available so you can be sure you’re getting your message across properly everywhere. Then, based on your findings, make corrections and check again. You can also check HTML issues and whether your email will potentially flag any spam filters. By the time you’re finished, you have a fully optimized, open generating, revenue creating email campaign.

To recap, no one wants to read an incorrectly formatted magazine–and people feel the same way about email. Test, optimize, re-test, send, and then cash-in.


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