Email Verification Tips for Businesses

With email verification, you can generate greater confidence in your data assets, improve the deliverability of digital campaigns, and more effectively reach customers and prospects. So, what is email verification? Who can benefit from it? And what can a real-time email verification solution do for you? Read on to learn the email verification tips you need to succeed. 

What Is Email Verification?

When you leverage a proven email verification platform, you ensure an email address exists in real time.  

  • Emails can be validated as the customer types them in. This gives you the power to stop misspellings and fake emails right at the input source, such as a registration form on a landing page, a Web-to-Lead form, or a Point-of-Sale system. 
  • Email lists can be verified, streamlining customer communications, improving the ROI of digital marketing campaigns, and giving sales teams confidence in the emails they’re using to reach out to prospects and clients. 

Who Benefits From Email Verification?

Everyone who must rely on the accuracy of an email database or ensure the email addresses they’re collecting in the field, at trade shows, from retail store transactions, etc. are valid wins with email verification. Real-time email verification supports: 

  • Marketers who need valid emails for digital marketing campaign success. Consider a marketing team that forecasts the results of a digital marketing campaign, but doesn’t verify the emails they’re sending the messaging to. If they anticipate a 10% response on 25,000 emails, but 15% of those emails are invalid, their results will be skewed. A 10% forecasted response on 25,000 emails would have netted 2,500 leads, but with the invalid emails, they now net 2,125 leads and a disappointed sales team. Being able to check email addresses on an as-needed basis, such as verifying an email list before you hit send, is a huge benefit.  
  • Businesses that add new clients frequently, merge with other companies, or acquire other companies and their databases. Onboarding and migrating new clients and customer contacts with unknown deliverability data can dirty up what once was a clean database. Real-time email verification can help you avoid adding invalid email addresses to your database.  
  • Organizations that consistently have high hard bounce rates and email deliverability issues. Decreased deliverability rates hurt your reputation as a sender. An email service provider (ESP) may suspect you of SPAM if they see you’re constantly experiencing a high rate of bounces. With the right tool, you can simply drag and drop your email list to check its validity, or you can import it from your ESP. Your campaigns can then be sent only to those emails you verified, and you can automatically unsubscribe invalid and risky emails from your campaigns.  
  • Any organization with a list of subscribers who have not received an email in 6 months or longer. With individuals changing their email addresses and their service providers frequently, the chances of that data being accurate grows slimmer each month. In fact, according to HubSpot, email marketing databases naturally degrade by approximately 22.5% annually. 
  • Those who employ forms, such as lightbox popups, or leverage point-of-sale systems. If a company is acquiring invalid emails or emails filled with typos at the point of entry, a real time email verification API is a huge solve. 

What Can BriteVerify Do For You?

Email Verification Tips | Validity Inc. Since 2009, BriteVerify has helped thousands of world-class brands – including Oracle, MailChimp, ReturnPath, Marketo, and Salesforce – verify over 500 million email addresses each month. Whether your business is small or enterprise-level, BriteVerify has the power to do the same for you. 

  • Connect with real people: BriteVerify’s Email Verification API can be added in minutes to anywhere you collect customer data – POS, online store, etc.
  • Improve communications: Get important communications in front of leads and customers by avoiding bad email addresses and typos. 
  • Be smarter with your digital campaigns: Messages to fake email addresses don’t get opened and they can cause your messages to be flagged as SPAM.  
  • Convert more leads: Acquiring an email through your online marketing efforts is costly. Make sure that money is well spent. 

Make Profitable Connections

As Mark Briggs, CEO of Validity, explains, “Virtually every important marketing and sales initiative underway requires trust in the underlying data. When organizations leverage highly valued products like Validity’s DemandTools, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport, and BriteVerify, they become empowered to make better decisions that drive more leads and close more deals.”

More Email Verification Tips

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