Email + Social: Integrating Pinterest and Email

Like many, I’ve been reading and hearing more about Pinterest recently (a visual social bookmarking network). While Pinterest has been around for awhile, its popularity is really starting to take off. According to a recent Shareaholic report, Pinterest accounted for more than 3.6 percent of referral traffic in January – more than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

With yet another social network to account for, how are email marketers starting to integrate their email programs with Pinterest? Here’s a quick look at few.

Social Network Links

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store includes the Pinterest link with their other social media links in the header of their email.
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store includes the Pinterest link with their other social media links in the header of their email.
Williams-Sonoma includes a link to their Pinterest site in the footer of the email and includes “Pinterest” text next to the icon to add clarity.

As Pinterest is still fairly new when it comes to social networks, some explanation text next to the Pinterest icon may help generate interest. If your brand has a presence on Pinterest, take the simple step of adding a link to Pinterest to the social media follow section of your email templates.

Pinterest as Supporting Content

In addition to including a link to their Pinterest site in their footer, Better Homes and Gardens uses text and the follow button for Pinterest to support the main content of their weekly decorating newsletter. Determine how Pinterest boards support your current email marketing campaigns and start to test how Pinterest can increase your email engagement and response.

How else can email marketers leverage Pinterest?

As Pinterest grows, we’re likely to see more integration with the email channel. Because Pinterest is based on imagery, pay attention to how the images are integrated with email. Take into consideration mobile rendering and use a good balance of text and images. In addition, provide clear calls to action related to any Pinterest content. Someone unfamiliar with Pinterest may not have a great subscriber experience if they unknowingly end up on your Pinterest page.

  • Start leveraging popular pins in your email campaigns. Let the Pinterest audience help you determine which images resonate with people interested in your brand and test these images in your email campaign. Consider integrating comments from any popular pins as well.
  • Tie specific Pinterest boards to your email calendar (holidays, sales, events, trends).
  • Test out a Pinterest only campaign to the socially engaged segment of your email file.
  • Pinterest isn’t just about still images. Leverage popular videos from the site to make your email more interactive.

Like email, Pinterest is about content. Pinterest is another example of how marketers need to start thinking like publishers. For those who are already doing this with email, Pinterest is going to be a natural fit. If you haven’t started doing this yet, what are you waiting for?

This post originally appeared on The Magill Report.

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