Dear ESPs: Your Customers are Talking—Are You Listening?

Email Service Providers face a growing number of challenges every year. Competition and industry consolidation is placing an ever increasing amount of pressure on you to meet your customer’s needs in the areas of email deliverability, email optimization, automation and other multi-channel marketing capabilities.

The reality is that many of your customers want a single, multichannel platform so that they have a one-stop shop for all of their marketing automation needs. Your customers also have an increasing desire to use one vendor so that all marketing operations, analytics, and reporting are streamlined across different channels—especially email.

Demand for email optimization services is rising
In the past, many of your customers’ sole focus was on getting an email sent and delivered, and that was enough to satisfy their needs. But in today’s marketplace, that’s not enough. The effectiveness of their email marketing program is diminished if their messages land in the spam folder or get blocked by a mailbox provider instead of landing in the inbox. And, spam filter technology is always evolving, placing more responsibility on your customers to follow email marketing best practices in order for their email to reach and be read by their subscribers.

Your customers understand that getting their email to the inbox and not just getting their email delivered is one of the best ways to help them reach their business goals, and ESP customer feedback supports this idea. According to a recent report from the Relevancy Group, improving deliverability surfaced as one of the top five marketing priorities in 2017.

Your customers are also interested in more than just improving inbox placement. Message rendering and competitive intelligence are also desired ESP product features for mid-market and enterprise level businesses.

Lastly, the Relevancy Group report states that 56 percent of ESP customers said they leverage their ESP deliverability services, and another 32 percent of ESP customers say they plan to use their ESP deliverability services in the next 12 months. So, not having these tools and services for your customers puts your business at a serious competitive disadvantage.

With the growing demand for email optimization solutions, only the best data, the best technology, and most experienced industry experts can help you exceed your customer’s expectations.

Return Path knows email
Return Path partners with many of the world’s top ESPs. They work with us because our email optimization solutions address the range of challenges they face, from deliverability and email optimization to competitive intelligence. By partnering with us, their customers maximize the return on their email investment – making it a win-win for everyone.

Return Path also partners with leading mailbox providers and spam filter companies around the world through our data exchange program. Our data exchange partners provide data for over 2.5 billion mailboxes around the world. Return Path also provides consumer behavioral insights into nearly 2 million inboxes through our email developer network. The combination of partner data resources powers our email optimization solutions related to:

  • Deliverability and sender reputation: View deliverability performance and sender reputation to improve inbox placement.
  • Competitive intelligence: Compare engagement metrics side by side with the competition.
  • Send frequency optimization: Determine the ideal send frequency to maximize lifetime subscriber value.
  • Message rendering: Preview email campaigns across numerous desktop, mobile, and webmail email clients — including the most popular devices such as Android and iPhone.
  • Certification whitelist: The email industry’s most recognized and valued whitelist that helps qualified senders receive preferential inbox placement.

Partner with Return Path
Are you ready to maximize the email ROI for your customers and help them win the inbox? Our ESP partnership program offers a variety of partnership options, including referral, reseller, technology & data, and member associations. We will work with you to determine which partnership option is best to align with your business goals.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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