Data, Don Henley, and the Best Summer Ever

Summer is the time for taking it easy. Kick off the dress shoes, slip on some flip-flops, and head for sand and sun. Return Path’s latest ebook, Brands of Summer, is here to help inspire you to make the most of the season, step by step. Through the power of ecommerce receipt data, our Consumer Insight solutions provide a window into the purchase behaviors and brand preferences of more than one million active US consumers across hundreds of companies. We looked at year-over-year purchase trends spanning the past two years to bring you detailed insights for some of the season’s hottest brands.

Fall doesn’t start until September 22 and Brands of Summer will help you squeeze every drop out these remaining weeks in five key categories:

Get in Shape
It’s never too late to start. From Shakeology nutrition supplements to the ever-popular P90X system, Beachbody has just about everything you need to get in shape and stay in shape. Consumer Insight data shows the average Beachbody buyer spends about $51 per purchase, though total year-over-year spending appears to be on the decline.

Summer Wear
All that working out means you’re going to need a stylish new wardrobe! It’s good to show off, but, unfortunately, most public establishments still have “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policies. We deliver insights into coast-to-coast kings of summertime retail, Hollister and American Eagle, so you can be ready for any summertime occasion.

Sunglasses On
Things are looking bright for Warby Parker. Founded in 2010, the socially-conscious glasses retailer has disrupted the $35 billion vision care industry in the US. Our ebook puts a lens on purchase trends, tracking a meteoric rise.

On the Beach
Getting in shape and having the right style means you’re ready to hit the beach. We analyzed purchase trends for Sandals and Carnival Cruise Line, both of which have seen average increases in number of buyers and total spend. Americans are notoriously bad at taking vacations, so this bodes well for the overworked!

Radio On
Eagles or Ataris? Buddy Holly or Weezer? Beethoven or J Hova? No matter what your taste in music, one thing is certain: you have a multitude of options for listening to your favorite jams. Pandora, Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify are all capitalizing on the market shift to subscription-based streaming services. Our panel of more than one million US consumers shows an enormous amount of interest in streaming music. With rumors of a forthcoming IPO, we analyzed e-receipts from Spotify to get a handle on how sales are trending.

Alright. You’re rocking a six pack thanks to Beachbody. You’re so this summer with your American Eagle tee. You’ve got your hair slicked back and your Warby Parkers on. You’re cruising to Jamaica’s largest freshwater pool at Sandals. And most importantly, you’ve got Spotify on, blasting Don Henley. You are officially ready for summer.  Go out and enjoy it. We can tell you our love for data will still be strong, after the brands of summer have gone.

Download Brands of Summer today and see for yourself the power of item-level ecommerce receipt data.

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