CampSaver Wins Email Hero Award for Best Email Series

Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Email Series, this week we’re featuring CampSaver! 

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Katherine Pachowicz, Junior Marketing Specialist at CampSaver. 

What were the goals of this particular campaign? 

The goal of this email was to generate orders before the holidays. We sent our customers a new, special deal every day for 12 days.  

Did you face any key challenges along the way? 

Leading up to the launch of this campaign, we were struggling with inbox placement with certain email providers and seeing our emails being sent to spam. We also faced the challenge of competing with other retailers who send just as many emails as we do during the holidays. 

What were your campaign results? 

These emails were very successful! Each email saw higher levels of engagement compared to our regular campaigns with an open rate of 32.29% and click-through rate of 4.16%. The emails helped us reach our goal and by the end of the campaign we sold out 7 of the 12 products that were featured! 

How did you achieve these results? 

Return Path played an integral role in helping us make this campaign a success and over several months, we worked to improve our Inbox Placement and Sender Score. By the time we were ready to launch the campaign, we finally felt confident enough to send it to our full subscriber list to get the most exposure for this sale. Because we were sending an email every day, we wanted to avoid inbox fatigue and wanted our customers to be excited to see the deal each morning. We kept the series together by adding the day at the front (e.g., “Day 6: Osprey Trillium 30 Liter Duffel”) to let the reader know it’s a series of deals and tied it together with the pre-header (e.g., “12 Days of Deals: Save 45% OFF Osprey Trillium 30 Liter Duffel”). We kept the design simple, focusing on the deal of the day and then re-featured deals from previous days if they were still in stock. 

Click here for our complete list of winners. 

Want to learn more about how CampSaver optimized their email program, check out their case study here.

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