Breaking Through – and A New Conference Discount

What’s better than great ideas to steal? What’s more motivating than getting cool new resources produced by people just like you in the email industry? Not much! So I’m excited to be leading two sessions at the upcoming Email Evolution Conference Feb 9-11th in Scottsdale, AZ. If you haven’t already booked, I recommend it for three reasons:

1. Now more than ever you need good ideas and a strong network. This is a conference about email, by email practitioners.
2. Lots of case studies. Presented by the people who actually did the work!
3. A great discount. Use JAN09 when you register and get the whole conference for just $999. (The pre-conference workshops are extra.)

Joining me for a session called Case Studies from Around the World are smart marketers from AllState Insurance, eServices and Acxiom with case studies from Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. While it’s definitely true that people are people and a lot of the best practices apply, try sending your top performing US promotions to China or Germany and see how fast your customers revolt. Even between countries with common languages there are differences that you just have to know. For example, UK subscribers respond well to personalized (or personalised, I should say!) salutations, but many in the US consider that spammy. The Swiss can quickly see through “high German” (what they speak in Germany) promotions.

Then, I’m delighted to be leading a session full of free resources and great benchmarks, as the leaders of the DMA/Email Experience Council Roundtables (aka: committees) share the good work they’ve been doing this year. There is some great work being done: a Deliverability Resource Guide, a List Growth Strategies for the Recession whitepaper, a whole new way to track and manage open rates (So they actually have meaning! What a concept!) and a consumer website that will h help all of us educate subscribers on how to protect their inboxes – and how to use the Report Spam button.

All that, plus Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg joins other industry experts on a panel about deliverability secrets. More on that in a posting next week.

I look forward to seeing you there -or if you have to miss it, to sharing my experiences from the show.

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