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Introducing a Feedback Loop Management Tool with Universal Appeal

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Feedback Loops (FBLs) are an important part of being a good sender. Knowing when your message has been marked as spam is crucial to managing your email list and getting ahead of deliverability issues.

Return Path has hosted feedback loops on behalf of its mailbox provider partners for more than a decade to help streamline the operations of providing feedback loops. In recent years, as Return Path has hosted more FBLs, it became clear that we were uniquely positioned to make this process easier for senders as well.

Introducing the Universal Feedback Loop, a comprehensive free tool designed to take the heavy lifting out of the process of setting up and managing almost 20 different Return Path hosted feedback loops (FBLs). With this new tool, you can manage all of these subscriptions from one site. The best part is that you don’t have to be a Return Path customer to use this service—this is a free tool for anyone who wants to be a better sender!

Create a new subscription for the almost 20 providers in just seven steps. The steps are similar to how individual FBLs are created currently, inputting an FBL email address and IP/CIDR that you manage. The Universal Feedback loop is an efficient way to create multiple subscriptions all at one, as you can see below: 

The tool also makes managing subscriptions much easier as well—historically time-consuming tasks such as updating IP/CIDRs and adding providers, is now all controlled in one spot. This means no more logging into multiple providers to make sure you are getting all the notifications you need.

For those who already have subscriptions, use the login button. You can input the FBL email address tied to your subscriptions or your user email to login. Please note, you will need to have access to those email addresses to click a confirmation link

We are excited about this new offering and we hope you are too. Need more information? Take a closer look!