4 Reasons Why You Should Clean That Email List

How many times have you sent an email campaign to the same email list without verifying it? Our data suggests that approximately 15 percent of all email addresses are invalid. This means that if you do not verify your list, your message is not reaching one out of seven recipients. However, smart marketers know that it is essential to verify the list before each and every campaign.

Here are the top benefits of verifying your email list before hitting send:


1. Lower bounce rates.

To you, bounce rates might be yet another email marketing metric, but email providers, blacklist operators and anti-spam networks monitor your bounce rates and hold them in high regard. These rates are then used to prioritize your sent emails in the inbox as well as compute your send reputation.


2. Better sender reputation.

A high bounce rate indicates spamming to your ESP and other email providers. This in turn lowers your sender reputation, which can eventually land you on a blacklist. By cleaning your email list before each campaign, you remove invalid addresses, therefore lowering your bounce rates and protecting your sender reputation.


3. Higher ROI.

Every missed inbox is a missed opportunity. You worked hard on your campaign, but your work is all for not if your customers never see your message. Lower bounce-back rates translate into a higher ROI for your campaign.


4. Clear view into campaign performance.

Bounce-backs cloud the picture of your campaign results, as an undeliverable email will never engage with your message. With a large number of undeliverable emails, you can kiss a good open, click through, and conversion rate goodbye. To judge the effectiveness, you need a valid list to effectively report on these metrics and gain actionable insights for your next campaign.

These are only a few of many benefits of a clean email list. So before you send that next campaign, gut check the quality of your list first. This will help you gauge your campaign’s true performance, protect your sender reputation and impress your boss.

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