Validity Launches Everest, the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Email Marketing Success Platform

Validity Inc. | August 18, 2020

  • • Everest offers marketers a fully integrated solution to build, test, measure, and optimize email campaigns
  • • Platform includes best of 250ok, Return Path, and BriteVerify, plus all-new capabilities designed to maximize email marketing ROI
  • • Features and pricing editions make Everest attractive for businesses of all sizes that rely on email to engage customers


BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 18, 2020 –Today Validity, the most trusted leader in email deliverability, announced the worldwide availability of Everest, an all-new platform for email optimization, analytics, and delivery. The new platform takes advantage of the capabilities of 250ok, Return Path, and BriteVerify, which Validity acquired in the past two years, while adding several critical new features not found in any other solution on the market. With Everest, brands can maximize their email success to engage more customers and accelerate growth.

Since the outset of COVID-19, businesses have turned to digital channels to engage customers, making email more critical than ever. With brands adopting email as their primary communication channel, the competition for engaging consumers at their inboxes has never been higher. At the same time, email marketers face the daunting challenge of keeping up with evolving changes to filtering algorithms that weed out phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and overall spam. Being heard above the noise seems impossible, but if marketers want to be successful, they need to be far more sophisticated in their ability to design, execute, track, and optimize their email campaigns.

“Today will go in the Validity record books as the date we released to the world our newest platform innovation, Everest,” said Mark Briggs, chairman and CEO of Validity. “This is, by a wide margin, the most comprehensive, insightful, value-add email platform ever offered in our industry. Any business that relies on digital marketing should consider Everest as the key to delivering email success.” 

Validity built Everest to give marketers everything they need to ensure email success. Everest is a complete email analytics platform powered by Validity’s exclusive data feeds, the largest data network in the industry, and widespread integration and support within the email ecosystem. It offers marketers a complete set of tools to prepare, test, optimize, and measure their email campaigns. With fully configurable dashboards, a highly intuitive user interface, and seamless integration with many of the leading email service providers, Everest makes it fast and easy to optimize campaigns. It also features a rich set of reports to track overall performance, with customizable alerts to proactively warn when action is needed. 

With Everest, brands will also be able to see how their campaigns perform compared to other global senders as well as against their top competitors. These unique capabilities offer marketers the most complete analysis of their email marketing channels, enabling them to get more email delivered and more customers engaged than ever before.

Plus, Everest provides the most sophisticated email marketers with unique capabilities, available only from Validity, including email certification for avoiding spam filters, View Time Optimization (VTO) for Verizon Media mailboxes, and enterprise-grade managed services.

“Everest aids email marketers across their entire marketing workflow, including list hygiene, program strategy, email creative, delivery optimization, and post-delivery analytics,” said Scott Ziegler, Validity’s senior vice president, product. “Bringing together the best pieces of Validity – which includes 250ok, Return Path, and BriteVerify – allows us to deliver the most complete email product in market. Seeing the whole picture is key to maximizing ROI from your email program.”

Everest offers email marketers the following key benefits:

  • Get more email delivered. Increase inbox placement rates by maintaining a high sender reputation and decreasing the risk of being filtered into spam folders.
  • Get more customers engaged. Give digital marketers the best possible experience by pre-testing your email design, analyzing how customers read your content, and placing brand emails at the top of consumer inboxes.
  • Maintain a healthy marketing database. Keep your contact database clean by verifying email lists and practicing good email hygiene.
  • Gain competitive intelligence. See your email campaigns’ performance in the context of the broader market, or side-by-side with industry competitors.
  • Stay on top. Incorporate best practices for sending. React quickly to emerging issues. Preserve your campaign performance through the ever-changing email ecosystem of technologies, filtering strategies, and standards.

Everest is available today as an annual subscription and comes in several editions. With varying levels of features and support, brands can choose the plan which best fits their marketing needs. For more information, visit

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