All the data you need in one editable view within Salesforce.

Spend less time in your CRM with GridBuddy from Validity

Your CRM is imperative to your business, but it’s not always the easiest system to work with. When your data management is time consuming and critical data points aren’t making it into the system, GridBuddy can help.

With GridBuddy from Validity, you simplify CRM data management and improve Salesforce adoption


Simplify complex data management processes while working within your Salesforce CRM. Access and manage all the data you need from one screen, without having to click between multiple open tabs and windows.

End-user adoption

Increase Salesforce adoption with a simple and effective way to work within your CRM. Easily edit and manage data while accessing superior visibility into the pipeline with an improved Salesforce UX and simplified workflow.

Data quality

Gain trust in your data quality and experience improved outputs and more accurate forecasting. GridBuddy streamlines and improves data entry into your Salesforce CRM, ensuring that your CRM data is always current.

“In looking for a way to provide our users with an easier way to update records we came across GridBuddy. The functionality is awesome – we have grids embedded in page layouts, so our users have fewer clicks to get things done!”

Nana Gregg, Sr. Salesforce Administrator, JLL

Did you know…

Sales representatives spend up to 4 hours every week managing, inputting, and editing their CRM data.

On average, only 40% of sales updates are ever entered into a CRM system.

All of this missing data and wasted time means that you lose selling hours and revenue every week.

Improving sales team productivity and managing CRM data doesn’t have to be challenging.

Learn more about GridBuddy from Validity and maximize the time that your sales team spends selling.



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