Connect your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zendesk data for better insights.

Unite data from separate databases instead of manually combining exports and clicking between multiple systems.

Salesforce Connector

Centralize your Salesforce data for faster navigation and deeper insights.

  • Combine data from multiple Salesforce Orgs and other systems into one, easily editable grid view.
  • Control which pieces of data are shown to keep teams informed while avoiding information overload.
  • Manage and edit data that exists across systems without leaving Salesforce.
  • Generate grids from existing Salesforce list views.
  • Easily understand what data comes from which system in the grid view.
  • Turn your related objects into an editable grid view that’s embedded on the parent object page.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Boost productivity by uniting your Dynamics 365 data into one simplified view.

  • Combine data from multiple tables, multiple environments, and other systems into one easily editable grid view. 
  • Control which pieces of data are shown to keep teams informed while avoiding information overload.
  • Manage and edit data that exists across systems without leaving Dynamics 365.
  • Easily understand what data comes from which system in the grid view. 
  • Simplify the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user experience so you can navigate and update your data with less clicks. 

Zendesk Connector

Connect your Zendesk customer data for another layer of knowledge.

  • Show your Zendesk tickets and comments alongside your CRM data to make informed business decisions and provide a full picture of your customers interactions with your business.
  • Update Zendesk tickets and comments from within your CRM. 
  • Connect your customer data across systems to avoid lengthy data integration projects that could disrupt your customer experience.

“GridBuddy Connect makes it really easy for our team to update all their information quickly. Because it’s easy and it’s fast, they’re more likely to keep their opportunity data up to date, which keeps our forecasts accurate.”

Connect your data to make better connections with your customers.

See for yourself how GridBuddy Connect keeps your team more focused on growing your business than updating your data.

GridBuddy Connect Features

GridBuddy Connect Features



BriteVerify email verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time


The #1 global data quality tool used by thousands of Salesforce admins


Insights and deliverability guidance from the only all-in-one email marketing solution

GridBuddy Cloud

Transform how you interact with your data through the versatility of grids.

Return Path

World-class deliverability applications to optimize email marketing programs

Trust Assessments

A revolutionary new solution for assessing Salesforce data quality


Validity for Email

Increase inbox placement and maximize subscriber reach with clean and actionable data

Validity for Data Management

Simplify data management with solutions that improve data quality and increase CRM adoption

Validity for Sales Productivity

Give your sales team back hours per day with tools designed to increase productivity and mitigate pipeline risks in real-time

DemandTools Elements Features

DemandTools Features

Everest Features

Everest Features