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Lost in the Data Wilderness? We’ve Got the Tools Data Managers Need

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If you ever find yourself lost in the woods — or even enjoying a backwoods camping trip — few tools could be as useful as a Swiss Army knife. With components ranging from knife blades and screwdrivers to a can opener and a corkscrew, it’s truly the tool to get you through any situation.

While their physical surroundings may be less intimidating than your average forest, today’s data managers often find themselves lost in a wilderness of data. Every day, they face countless hazards and pitfalls that threaten their ability to maintain high-quality CRM data their organization can rely on. To overcome these challenges, they need a Swiss Army knife of their own.

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Validity’s DemandTools is the ultimate survival tool for data managers, with robust capabilities to tackle the inevitable issues that jeopardize any CRM. Tools include:

  • Single Table Dedupe, the powerful and popular “knife blade” that cuts through the most common and devastating of all CRM data issues: duplicates.
  • MassEffect, the versatile “combination tool” that serves as an all-in-one ETL (extract, transform, load) solution.
  • MassImpact, the “scissors” for simple functionality with countless applications: standardization for overall data maintenance.
  • And so much more!

DemandTools is so versatile, the biggest challenge might be getting a handle on all its features and functionalities.

That’s why we’ve created The Data Manager’s Field Guide. This user-friendly guide offers a closer look at each module of DemandTools’ “Swiss Army knife” solution — from the most common to the most specialized.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tool to manage your data, look no further. Download the guide now!